Scaffold Prop Load Capacity Safety Factor

What is the safety factor for scaffolding props? How to choose scaffolding props? What is the relations between safety loading capacity and ultimate loading capacity of adjustable steel props?

Adjustable Scaffolding steel props are steel support post poles for construction, building and concrete formwork slab.  We can adjust the height of the steel props by fixing prop lock pins into different holes on scaffolding props inner tubes.

The scaffolding props adjustable range is designed according to building plan and construction scaffolding design.

The loading capacity of scaffolding props is different at different height.

During scaffolding props loading capacity testing, the test result is always ultimate loading capacity.

But in construction scaffolding requirement, ultimate loading capacity is not allowed to use directly in safety calculation.

When we sourcing scaffolding props, we should think about prop safety load, thus than ultimate loading capacity.

The relations between safety loading capacity and ultimate loading is the safety factor.

According to different standard, ASTM American Standard, CS Canada Scaffolding Standard, BS British Standard and EN Europe Standard and AS Australian Stanard, The safety factor is always required.

For scaffolding props, the safety factor is around 1.5 to 3 for different standard.

So we can calculate the safety load capacity by divide ultimate loading capacity in 1.5 times, 2 times and 3 times.

adjustable scaffolding steel props-shoring jack

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