Scaffold Pigtail Pin

Wellmade is the scaffold pigtail pin manufacturer in China. The scaffold pigtail pins are also called gravity lock pins. You can find the scaffold pigtail pins designed for all scaffold systems include scaffolding frame system, ringlock scaffolding system, cuplock scaffolding, kwikstage scaffolding, hi load shoring scaffold, veneer jack frame, etc. We control the quality of the pigtail scaffold lock pin according to ISO 9001 standard from the material to the safety load test.

More than the scaffold pigtail lock pin, you can find other scaffold connectors include spring rivet, R clips, cotter pins, span pins, toggle pins, clevis pins, and frame scaffold lock pins here.

Send us your pigtail pin and scaffold connector requirements to get more details and reference prices.

Wellmade’s scaffold pigtail pins

Wellmade’s scaffold pigtail pins are the connector between scaffold system standards. It resists the uplift during erection and construction. Sometimes the scaffold pigtail pins are also used to connect between the scaffold casters and scaffold vertical poles.

You can find the pigtail pins in diameter O.D 6mm, O.D 9mm, O.D 10mm, OD. 12mm etc. Different diameters are used to insert into the different diameters of holes on the scaffolding materials.

The pigtail sizes are matched up with the diameter of your scaffolding poles.

For example, you can use the pigtail scaffold pins for your traditional frame scaffolding system with the frame poles’ diameter in O.D 41.3-O.D42.7mm.

It is also able to design for your modular scaffold in O.D 48.3mm.

If you want the scaffold pigtail pins used to stack your hi load scaffolding shoring system. Wellmade is able to design the pigtail scaffold pin into a bigger size to meet O.D 57mm and O.D 60mm heavy-duty shoring scaffold vertical poles.

Scaffold Pigtail Size & Specification

Code No.ItemsFinishingSteel GradeScaffold DiameterWeight (KG)
WPG09019mm Pigtail PinE-gal | HDGS235OD42-O.D76mm0.12
WPG100110mm Pigtail PinE-gal | HDGS235OD42-O.D76mm0.15
WPG120112mm Pigtail PinE-gal | HDGS235OD42-O.D76mm0.22

The scaffold pigtail pins are used popularly in construction. It is used in scaffold towers, shoring and shuttering concrete, access scaffolding, etc.  In the scaffolding erection, it is simply to insert the scaffold pigtail pin into the holes of the scaffolding materials.

Wellmade is an ISO 9001 scaffolding pigtail pin manufacturer. Our scaffolding pigtail materials quality is controlled from steel raw material chemical composition and physical property test.  You can find all of the test reports and certificates of the pigtail scaffold here.

Scaffold pigtail pins are normally made from S235 steel-grade material. We customise your scaffold pigtail pins according to your design and specifications too.

According to the scaffold pigtail pin finishing, you can choose E-galvanized pig tail pins. While there is also hot-dip galvanized pigtail pins too.  Hot dip galvanized is simply called HDG finishing. It is the most durable surface treatment for scaffold materials.

E-galvanized pigtail is cheaper than HDG pig tail lock pins. It is also called zinc-plated. You can find the white colour or yellow colour for your scaffold pigtail pins customized.

Wellmade has exported the scaffold pigtail pins to global 55 countries. You can choose different types of the package for your pigtail lock pins. Include:

  • Ton Bag Package
  • Woven Bags
  • Wooden Box
  • Bags+Scaffold Pallets/Racks

The scaffold pigtail pin is one of the scaffold fixings. You can find other scaffold connectors and lock pins in Wellmade.  Include cotter pins, spring rivets, R clips, Clevis pins, Toggle lock pins, Span Pin, Cotter pins and Scaffold frame system lock pins, etc.

With more than 21 years of exporting experience, Wellmade is able to deliver the scaffold pigtail pins to your construction projects or stock. Send us your scaffold and pigtail lock pin requirement to get an immediate price.

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