Scaffold Guard Rail Post

Scaffold guard rail posts are scaffold accessories for frame scaffolding systems. It is the scaffold posts with scaffold lock pins welded on and used for scaffold guardrails connections in construction. Basically, they are popularly arranged at top of the scaffolding frame to ensure the safety of the work platform.
The standard size of the scaffold guard rail post is 42”(1066mm). It is made by OD1.69”(1-11/16”) high-strength steel scaffold tube. According to the shapes and designs, you can find the following different types of scaffold guard rail posts:

  • Snap-on Guard Rail Post with Tails
  • Guard rail post with Tails and Flip Lock
  • Female Scaffold Guard Rail Posts

All of them are compatible with different types of frame scaffolding, including snap-on scaffolding, V lock Frames, Flip Lock Frames, Fast Lock Frames, C lock and Drop Lock Frame Scaffolding, etc. In construction, scaffolding lock pins, like pigtail pins, span pins, and toggle pins are used to lock the guardrail posts to the scaffold frames.  Send us a mail to get an immediate price now.

  • Outside Diameter: 1.69″ (42.7mm)
  • Overall Height: 42″ (1066mm)
  • Bottom to Top Lock: 42″
  • Bottom to Middle Lock: 21″
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Standard: OSHA Guardrail Requirement

Snap On Scaffold Guard Rail Post

Snap-on scaffold guard rail posts are types of scaffold guardrail posts with a tail and 2 sets(6 pcs) of snap-on lock pins welded on. It is used to connect with a locking mechanism type of snap-on guard rails in construction.
Snap-on scaffold guard rails posts are more popular used in stucco and plastering construction in the USA.

Flip Lock and Drop Lock Scaffold Guard Rail Post

 Flip lock pins and drop lock pins are able to be welded on the guardrail posts.  With these lock pins, you need to use the punching hole type of guard rails in construction.

Anti-rusty Treatment

Scaffold guard rail posts are finished in galvanized or powder coated, and painted according to different clients’ requirements. The surface treatment is aimed to make the guardrail posts longer life and repeat work for your construction.


  • Diameter: 1625″ or 1.69″
  • Effective Length: 42″(1066mm)
  • Steel Grade: S355
  • Lock Pin: Snap-On Lock Pin/Flip Lock, Drop Lock
  • Finishing: Powder Coated & Galvanizing

Scaffold Frame Guard Rail Post Types & Specifications

Guard Rail Posts
GRPT1Snap On Guard Rail Post with TailOD1.625″3.50 KG7.7 LBS
GRPT2Guard Rail Post with Tail, Flip Lock1.69″3.51 KG7.72 LBS
GRPT3Guard Rail Line Post Female, Flip Lock1.625″2.83 KG6.22 LBS
GRPT4Guard Rail Post Female, Flip Lock1.625″2.95 KG6.50 LBS
GRPT5Guard Rail Post Female, Flip Lock1.69″12.27 KG27.0 LBS
GRPT6Guard Rail Post with Tail, W Lock1.625″29.09 KG64 LBS
GRPT7Guard Rail Post Female, W Lock1.69″34.10 KG75 LBS
GRPT8Walk Thru Frame Guard Rail Panel1″14.55 KG32 LBS


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