Scaffold Guard Rail Post

Wellmade’s scaffold guard rail post is components of the snap-on scaffolding frame system.  It is manufactured for the USA scaffolding and construction companies.
In fabrication, the snap-on lock pin scaffold guard rail post is with snap-on lock pins. Snap-on lock pin works with the snappy ends scaffolding guard rails in construction.
Wellmade produce your scaffold guard rail post according to the ASTM and CSA standard.  While the scaffold guard rail post quality is controlled according to ISO 9001 and ISO 3834 standard.
Tell us your scaffold guard rail and guard rail post requirement to get a competitive price.

Raw Material In Test

Load Test

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Wellmade’s Scaffold Guard Rail Post

Wellmade’s Scaffold Guard Rail Post with Snap-On Lock Pins. It is used to Connect Guard Rails as Protection Components in construction and building scaffolding.
The scaffold guard rail post is workable with all frame system scaffolding, include Walk Through Frame, Mason Frame, Arch Frames.
Yu can get both scaffoldings finishing for your scaffold guard rail post. Include Powder Coated with Color and Galvanized Finishing.

Wellmade’s  scaffold guard rail post features:

· OD 42.7mm 
· 53 Inch 
· Powder Coated & Galvanizing
· Lock Pin: Snap-On Lock Pin 

Snap On Frame Scaffold Guard Rail Post Sizes



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