Scaffold Gooser Bar( Grouser)

Scaffold gooser is also called grouser, grouser bar or squaring brace, or stabilizing safety bar. It is used to stabilize the scaffold tower and keep it squaring.

The scaffold gooser bar is installed at bottom of the frame scaffolding just above the caster in the rolling tower.  One side fits around a frame vertical tube (frame leg), while another side is to the direct opposite or diagonal side.

A slider towards the end and locking the bar to the scaffold frame. The slider bolt can further be tightened and locked the bar in place, thus preventing racking in the tall tower.

The scaffold gooser bars are mostly powder coated in hi-visibility yellow, while the two slider clamps(hardware) at each end are galvanized. If needed, whole galvanized gooser bars and other colors coated are available too.

Technically, the scaffold goosers are compatible with any scaffold frames with vertical legs in OD1-5/8” and 1-11/16”. Includes snap-on scaffolding frame, walk thru frame, mason frame scaffold, ladder frame, box frame, H frame scaffold, etc. Send us a mail to get more details.

Types of Scaffold Goosers

Scaffold goosers include horizontal gooser and diagonal gooser.

Horizontal Gooser

Horizontal goosers are used to connect two frame vertical legs or between two frames horizontally. The sizes are the width of the frames or the distance of the frames. Include  2′, 3′, 4′, 5′, 6′,7′, and 10′.

The purposes of using horizontal goosers are to strengthen the frame stability or protect the safety of the scaffold frame decks and work platforms.

Diagonal Gooser

Diagonal scaffold goosers are the braces that secure the scaffold bay diagonally to ensure the scaffold frame stays square. It is requested in high scaffold tower construction as well as the rolling tower.

The sizes of the diagonal gooser are diagonals of the width of scaffold frames and lengths of frame distances.  Thus, the diagonal gooser sizes include 7’x5′ and 10’x5′, 7’x42″ and 10’x42″.  In the sizes, 7′ and 10′ is the distance of two frames, while, 5′ and 42″ is the width of the vertical frames.

According to OSHA standards, all scaffold rolling towers need to be stabilized by the scaffold diagonal goosers in moving.

Scaffold Gooser Specifications

Scaffold Horizontal Gooser Size & Specification

GSH0203Horizontal Gooser 2′2′OD35mm2.47 KG5.45
GSH0204Horizontal Gooser 2′2′OD42mm2.62 KG5.78
GSH0303Horizontal Gooser 3′3′OD35mm3.08 KG6.80
GSH0304Horizontal Gooser 3′3′OD42mm3.31 KG7.30
GSH0403Horizontal Gooser 4′4′OD35mm3.69 KG8.14
GSH0404Horizontal Gooser 4′4′OD42mm4.00 KG8.81
GSH0503Horizontal Gooser 5′5′OD35mm4.31 KG9.49
GSH0504Horizontal Gooser 5′5′OD42mm4.68 KG10.33
GSH0703Horizontal Gooser 7′7′OD35mm5.53 KG12.19
GSH0704Horizontal Gooser 7′7′OD42mm6.06 KG13.35
GSH1003Horizontal Gooser 10′10′OD35mm7.36 KG16.23
GSH1004Horizontal Gooser 10′10′OD42mm8.12 KG17.90

Scaffold Diagonal Gooser Size & Specifications

GSB0705Diagonal Gooser 2.62m7′ x 5′OD35mm6.51 KG14.35
GSB0703Diagonal Gooser 2.39m7′ x 42″OD35mm6.03 KG13.3
GSB1005Diagonal Gooser 3.41m10′ x 5′OD35mm8.08 KG17.82
GSB1003Diagonal Gooser 3.23m10′ x 42″OD35mm7.72 KG17.03


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