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We Manufactures All Types of Scaffold Decks for You

If you are seeking scaffold decks, Wellmade is able to give complete solutions and professional consulting.

You can find not only aluminum scaffold decks, but also aluminum planks with plywood deck, steel scaffold decks, wood scaffold decks etc.

Complete standard sizes of the scaffold decks are available in Welmade. While we offer free custom sizes with special designs for your construction.

All scaffold decks in Wellmade are tested according to the European and American/Canada standards.

Tell us your scaffold decks to get an immediate reply now.

Aluminum Scaffold Deck & Aluminum Plank with Plywood Deck

19“ Aluminum Scaffold Deck Full Aluminium
Code No.Size (WxL)
WALP19-0619.25″ x 6′
WALP19-0719.25″ x 7′
WALP19-0819.25″ x 8′
WALP19-1019.25″ x 10′
108mm aluminum platform with plywood scaffold deck
Code No.Size (WxL)
WAPP19108-0619″ x 6′
WAPP19108-0719″ x 7′
WAPP19108-0819″ x 8′
WAPP19108-1019″ x 10′
90mm scaffold deck aluminum plank with plywood deck
Code No.Size (WxL)
WAPP19090-0619″ x 6′
WAPP19090-0719″ x 7′
WAPP19090-0819″ x 8′
WAPP19090-1019″ x 10′
aluminum scaffold deck with 87mm plywood decks to the USA construction wellmade
Code No.Size (WxL)
WAPP19087-0619″ x 6′
WAPP19087-0719″ x 7′
WAPP19087-0819″ x 8′
WAPP19087-1019″ x 10′
aluminum plank with plywood decks to Canada 78mm
Code No.Size (WxL)
WAPP19078-0619″ x 6′
WAPP19078-0719″ x 7′
WAPP19078-0819″ x 8′
WAPP19078-1019″ x 10′
24 aluminum plank with plywood decks trapdoor type wellmade
24″ Aluminum Scaffold Deck with Trapdoor
Code No.Sizes
24″ Aluminum Scaffold Deck without Trapdoor
Code No.Sizes

Steel Scaffold Deck

Steel scaffold decks include scaffolding planks with hooks and flat ends scaffold boards without hooks. The planks hooks sit on the scaffold horizontal parts. While flat end scaffold boards are fixed by scaffold board retaining couplers or limpet clamps in construction.

Steel scaffold decks are hot-dip galvanized, pre-galvanized(GI) or painted in custom.

Complete Types of Steel Scaffold Decks for Your Scaffolding Systems

Wood Scaffold Decks

Laminated Wood Scaffold Deck

Laminated scaffold decks called LVL wood planks. It is veneer from a lot of thin layer of pipe lumbers. At both sides of the laminated scaffold decks, there are OSHA proof test embosses. Both ends of the laminated scaffold decks are with painted for protection purpose. Wellmade laminated scaffold decks are test according to OSHA and AS1576 standard.

Solid Timber Scaffold Deck - Wellmade

Solid scaffold decks are cut from logs. According to wood types, there the European yellow pine, new zealand pipe solid scaffold decks etc. You can find end bands at both ends of the solid scaffold decks to protection safety in construction. Size of solid scaffold decks are 225x38mm and 2”x12”. Wellmade solid scaffold decks are test and certified according to BS 2482.

Scaffold Deck Hooks

Metal scaffold decks, including steel and aluminum scaffolding planks, are always manufactured with plank hooks.

According to the scaffolding plank hooks, there are O ledger hooks and U ledger hooks. O ledger hooks are used to connect round steel scaffolding horizontal parts. The sizes of O ledgers would be O.D 48.3mm or O.D 42.7mm.

U Ledger scaffold decks are used to connect with scaffolding ringlock U ledgers. U ledgers are manufactured with U profile. Which is used in layher allround scaffold and multidirectional scaffolding system.

For customized purposes, Wellmade is able to work out the scaffold plank hooks to match both O Ledger and U ledger.

Some scaffold decks are with wind protection lock pins. The safety lock pins protect the scaffold decks safety during windy and wet environments.

Wellmade Scaffold Decks 

If you are seeking scaffold decks for your construction scaffolding project. Wellmade, as a leading scaffold decks manufacturer, could bring you great benefits in not only quality but also delivery, prices and professional services.

Wellmade is an ISO9001 management scaffolding deck manufacturer. You can find test results and quality control details during every step of the scaffold deck manufacturing. It includes:

  1. Raw Material Quality Meet Up European and British, USA standard
  2. MTC Inspection
  3. Welding Quality Test
  4. Size& Specifications Mock-Up
  5. Galvanizing and Surface Treatment Test
  6. Scaffold Deck load and Strength Test

There are more than 20 production lines for the scaffold decks manufacturing. The output of the scaffold decks is more than 500 tons per day. Thus if you choose Wellmade, you can expect a quick delivery than any other scaffold manufacturers in China.

Big production capacity also saves cost for you. The continuous scaffold decks production brings cheaper prices than small and middle sizes scaffold deck manufacturers.

As a professional scaffold decks manufacturer, we understand that steel, aluminium and wood scaffolding plank custom and import-export policies. Thus Wellmade is able to offer you professional documentation for your import. If you need the support of door to door delivery, Wellmade is able to work that too.

Scaffold Deck Test Standards

Steel & Metal Scaffold Deck Test

For the steel and metal scaffold decks, The test standard is EN 1004 and EN 12811&AS1576. Wellmade quality control test for the steel scaffold decks includes load capacity test, sizes and tolerance, galvanizing and steel raw materials test etc.

In the steel scaffolding decks, galvanizing finishing is the most popular. Wellmade is not only giving you a zinc thickness test report but also ensuring the adhere of the galvanized steel scaffold decks.

Aluminium Scaffold Deck Test

Aluminium scaffold decks are tested according to EN 12810 European standard and OSHA & ANSI American standard.

The test of the aluminium scaffold decks are include aluminium profile material chemicals and physicals. Aluminium scaffolding plank load and strengths etc.

Timber (Wood) Scaffold Deck Test

For timber scaffold deck test, including British standard, Australian Standard and OSHA standard.

There are two types of wooden scaffold decks, including solid wood boards and LVL scaffold boards.

Solid Scaffold Boards

Solid scaffold boards are machinery cutting from yellow pin logs. It is dried with less wet. While there are metal scaffold end bands at both ends of the solid scaffold boards.

Solid scaffold boards are tested according to BS 2482 standard. if you want a fire-resistant, the test standard would be BS 476.

According to the solid scaffold boards load, it is also tested according to OSHA standards.

LVL Scaffold Boards

LVL scaffold boards are another type of timber scaffold deck. It is laminated veneer lumber by glue. According to the glue type, there are WBP LVL scaffold boards, melamine glue etc.

LVL scaffold boards are tested according to AS 1576b and OSHA standards. For protection purposes, there is painting treatment at both ends of the LVL scaffold decks.

LVL scaffold boards are able to be fire retardant treatment too for construction safety purposes.

Scaffold Decks Using In Scaffolding Systems

For walking board and work platform construction, scaffold decks are used in all types of scaffold systems.   You can tell us your scaffold systems, we are able to give you scaffold decks sizes and specifications suggestions according to

  • 1) You scaffold system horizontal type
  • 2) Your scaffold system horizontal sizes
  • 3) Scaffold deck load capacity requirement during your construction design
  • 4) Your country customs and your stock scaffold material design

Ringlock Scaffolding System Decks

Ringlock scaffold decks include access trapdoor scaffold decks with aluminium ladder, aluminium planks, aluminum platform with plywood decks, steel scaffold decks with hooks for U leger and O ledger etc.

For Europeans type ringlock scaffolding, 320x76mm layher allround scaffold decks are the most applied. The 320mm allround scaffold decks include O ledger and U ledger hooks. You can ask for pre-galvanized(GI) type 320mm scaffold decks. At the same time, hot-dip galvanized scaffold decks are also required by a lot of clients for durable purposes and repeat working in construction.

The USA and Canada type ringlock scaffolding is also called pin lock scaffold.  The scaffold decks include 240mm dog ear steel scaffolding planks(Flat hooks) and 230x67mm square type hooks.

The 19″ aluminium planks and aluminum platform with plywood decks are also required in some construction sites.  While both metal scaffold decks and aluminium scaffolding platforms for pin lock scaffolding are always with hooks to connect with the pin lock scaffold horizontal parts.

In addition, according to the ANSI & OSHA standards, timber scaffold decks are allowed to use in the pin lock scaffold system.

Customized Scaffold Decks for Ringlock Scaffold System

More than European and USA standard ringlock scaffolding(Pin lock scaffold), there are customized scaffold decks for the ring system scaffold. Include:

  • 250x50mm scaffold decks
  • 240x45mm scaffold decks
  • 210x45mm scaffold decks
  • 300x50mm scaffold decks
  • 420x50mm scaffold decks
  • 450x50mm scaffold decks
  • 500x50mm scaffold decks

Kwikstage Scaffold System Decks

In Wellmade, kwikstage scaffold includes South Africa type quick stage scaffold and UK&Australia kwickstage scaffold.

In the South Africa type quick stage scaffold system, hook on scaffold boards are used popularly. The sizes of the hook on scaffold decks are 230x63mm.  You can find galvanized and painted hooks on scaffold boards for the South Africa type kwikstage scaffolding.

In the Australian and UK type kwickstage scaffolding system, scaffold battens are used more popular. The scaffold battens are one type of scaffold deck too. It is without any hooks.  During the construction, the scaffold battens are sat on the kwikstage scaffold transoms. Which offers support for the scaffold battens in forming the scaffold platform. According to the scaffold decks quantity, kwikstage transoms sizes include one board, two board, three board, four board and five board transom.

The scaffold decks without hooks for the UK, Irelan and Australia are always made from pre-galvanized steel plates. Which is cheaper in cost but more durable than the painted scaffolding steel planks.

Cuplock Scaffolding System Decks

Cuplock scaffold decks include both hook on planks and scaffold battens without hooks.  Hook on scaffolding planks could be customized width from 200mm, 210mm, 230mm to 500mm. While scaffold battens are used together with scaffold omega transom, which is made from special-shaped steel profiles and offer support for the scaffold boards without hooks.

Cuplock scaffolding decks could be finished in painting or galvanized for durable purposes.

Catwalk Boards and Frame Scaffold System

Catwalk boards are welded from two scaffold planks.  It is used popularly in Asia countries. Using the wide catwalk boards save numbers of scaffold decks using in the frame system.

The catwalk boards are always with 4 pieces of plank hooks. Among them, there are 2 pcs of plank hooks with safety locks for wind protection.

Grating Scaffold Decks for Shipbuilding Construction

Grating scaffold decks are another type of steel scaffold deck. The panels are made from steel gratings. While the scaffolding main frames of the grating scaffold decks are made from steel hollow sections.

Grading scaffold boards with, length and height are customized according to the steel hollow section height requirement.

According to the steel material fabrication, there are light duty, medium duty and heavy duty grating scaffold boards.

We Believe Buyers Win, We Win.

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