Scaffold Boards Production Video

This is a video shows how scaffold boards come out from production line and the process of scaffold boards manufacturing from steel coil as raw material, to profile forming, anti-slip surface treatment, end caps, stiffeners and hooks welding, boards packages and waiting for shipping. 
This video is taken by wellmade scaffold, the China leading scaffolding and formowrk manufacturer, ISO9001 & CE certificated. 
  • 210x45mm scaffold metal decks
  • 240 x 45mm metal decks
  • 250 x 50mm metal decks
  • 230 x 63mm scaffold planks
  • 200 x 50mm scaffold boards
  • 300 x 50mm  Boards
  • 320 x 76mm  Platform
  • 240x76mm Steel Planks
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