Scaffold Band and Plate

Wellmade is Band and Plate Scaffold Manufacturer in China. The band and plate coupler is used to fixed your 48.3mm scaffold tube in right angle 90 degrees.
You can use band and plate for South Africa kwikstage scaffolding system. Use as kwikstage system parts, the band and plate coupler is no need a hole on.
If you want the band and plate used for tube and clamp scaffolding system. There is another type of band and plate couplers with one or two holes and bolt and nut.
Wellmade’s Band and Plate Scaffolding Clamps Loading Bearing is 6.2KN Technically. It is also tested according to BS EN standard.
You can Get Both Painted and Galvanized  Finishing Band and Plate Scaffold Customized Here in Competitive Price.
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  • Size: 48mm
  • Weight: 2.1KG
  • Finishing: Galvanized & Painted
  • Parts: Band Coupler & Back Plates
  • Steel Grade: S235
  • Thickness: 10mm
  • Production Lead Time: 10-35 Days
  • Package: Pallets
  • Brand: Wellmade (WM)
  • Payment: T/T and LC
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Delivery Port: Tianjin Port, China

Wellmade Band and Plate Coupler

Wellmade is a professional supplier and manufacturer of band and plate coupler. With rich experience and knowledge in the industry, we can produce high-quality products to meet your business needs.

Wellmade scaffold band and plate coupler are a scaffold fitting fixing scaffold tube in a 90-degree right angle. We manufacture band and plate coupler for different industrial use.

A Wellmade band and plate coupler can be used as a support fixing scaffold transom. You can use it under scaffold boards even without interfere in scaffold board leveling for the hook on steel boards.

The scaffold band and plate coupler are a set of couplers with scaffold backplate and scaffold band with an eye bolt. If any customization, band, and coupler can be finished in painted or galvanized

If you want to fix the scaffold tube in outside diameter OD48.3mm, then the Wellmade band and plate coupler is the best way! You can fix it at the right angle with scaffolding standards.

Wellmade band and plate coupler are heavy-duty. So, it can connect to two 48.3mm scaffold tubes at the right angle.

We designed and manufactured a Wellmade band and plate coupler to fix with a wall, archway, or ceiling. Yes, you can. Because Wellmade band and plate coupler have 2 x 18 mm holes at the top of the band.

What’s more, Wellmade band and plate coupler are zinc plated for longer life, rigorously tested, and manufactured to EN74 & BS1139 to ensure the highest level of quality control.

Our band and plate coupler are compatible with all our used and new scaffolding tube, aluminum scaffold tube, or steel handrail tube.

Wellmade band and plate coupler can be supplied with a range of washers to suit one hole or two-hole Band & Plate Coupler.

band and plate coupler for scaffold with holes and bolt nut
band and plate coupler for scaffold with holes and bolt nut

We provide a range of services to meet your diverse needs of the scaffolding and work at height industry across the globe.

Wellmade is the global experts specializing in workplace access and working at height. We have a good reputation for our world-renowned scaffolding training and health and safety consultancy.

Wellmade has expert engineers and a well-trained team to make band and plate coupler. Together with effective and efficient manufacturing processes, we can produce the best quality output.

We not only focus on the manufacturing procedures, actually, we provide full service. So there, Wellmade will be your one-stop solution for your upcoming project. Our factory is an ISO14001 and ISO9001 certified. So, we ensure the quality of services and products provided.

Send us your inquiry for Wellmade band and plate coupler now! You will get an instant quote for your scaffolding component orders!

Scaffold Band & Plate Coupler Set Size

WBCKScaffold Band ClampOD 48.3 mm1.47 KG
WBPKBand Back Plate with Eye Bolt112 x 10mm0.71 KG



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