S140mm Aluminum Shoring Beams

140mm aluminum shoring beam is also called S140 aluma beams or S140 aluma joints. It is with a height of 140mm, designed with big and small T-heads. A small T head is at the base, it is with a small bolt slot convenient for connection and fixing by standard A clamps.  While timber or plastic (PVC) strips (straps) are embedded in the big slot T heads at the top of the aluminum shoring beam.  The timber and plastic strips are convenient for fixing with other formwork beams, stringers, strongbacks, film faced plywood in the shoring and construction.

Nails joints the timber or plastic strips together with the aluminum beams to protect them from moving out.

140mm aluminum shoring beams are manufactured by aluminum grade material of 6061 T6, 6063 T6, and 6005 T6.

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S140mm Aluminum Shoring Beam Size & Weight

No Strips
With Timber
With PVC
WALB1401140×85 Aluma Beam2.8 KG4.3 KG4.0 KG
WALB1402140×85 Aluma Beam3.1 KG4.6 KG4.3 KG
WALB1403140×88.9Aluma Beam3.9 KG5.4 KG5.1 KG


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