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  • EN 12810 Tested
  • EN1090&ISO3834 Certificated
  • ISO9001 Ringlock Scaffolding Manufacturer
  • Ringlock Parts Daily Test
  • Ringlock Mock-Up Inspection
  • 3 Months Warranty
  • 50,000 Sqm AUTO Production Line
  • 500 Tons/Day Production Capacity

Wellmade Ringlock Scaffolding Meterial & Products

Wellmade is the Biggest Ringlock Scaffolding Manufacturer In China. With More Than 20 Years Ringlock Scaffolding OEM Manufacturing Experiences, Wellmade Manufactures All Types of Ringlock Scaffolding Systems: European Type All Round Ringlock Scaffolding, USA&CANADA Type Pin Lock Scaffold, Latin American Type Multidirectional Scaffolding, South East Asia Type of Unit Lock, Gulf Type Rosette Scaffolding and Africa Type of Ring Scaffold System.

Ringlock Scaffold Assembly

Wellmade Manufactures All Round Ringlock Scaffolding To European. Our All Round Scaffolding with CE Marked

Ringlock Scaffold Assembly

Wellmade Produces Pin Lock Scaffold to USA & Canada. Our Pin Lock Scaffold System Include Interlocking Guardrail System and Dog Ear Ringlock Scaffold Planks.

Ringlock Scaffold Mock Up Erect Testing

Wellmade Manufactures Multidirectional Type of Ringlock Scaffolding System to Latin American Countries: Chile, Mexico, Brazil Etc.

Heavy Duty Shoring Ring System VS Normal Ringlock Scaffolding

Wellmade Manufactures Lightweight Ringlock Scaffolding System in O.D 48.3×3.2mm.
OD 48×4.0mm Industrial Ringlock Scaffolding System and OD60mm Heavy-Duty Shoring System Ringlock Scaffolding Are Manufactured According to Your Construction Load Capacity Requirement.

Access Ringlock Scaffold Tower

Wellmade Manufactures OD 60mm Heavy Duty Shoring System Ringlock Scaffolding For Hi Load Construction: Bridge Scaffolding Support, Highway & Infrastructure Construction etc.

Access Ringlock Scaffold Tower

Wellmade’s Lightweight Ringlock Scaffolding are Popular Used In All Types of Building & Construction: Residential Construction, Industrial Commercial Construction, Offshore & Onshore, Shipyard, Painting, Maintenance etc

Ringlock Scaffold Mock Up Erect Testing

Wellmade Sales Medium Duty Ringlock Scaffolding to Industrial Companies, Oil Gas Firms. Heavier Duty Capacity Ensures Higher Load Support Safety. Meet Up Industrial Maintenance & Inspection Scaffolding Requirement

Wellmade’s Ringlock Scaffolding is tested Conform to AS 1576 and EN 12810 Standard. AS and EN Ringlock Scaffolding Test Includes System Scaffold Tower Safety Test and Ringlock Components and Parts Safety Load Capacity Test.

AS/NZS 1576 Ringlock Scaffolding Test Report

EN 12810 Standard Ringlock Scaffold Test Report


Wellmade Produces Ringlock Scaffolding According to EN 1090 and ISO 383 Welding Requirement. All of our Ringlock Scaffolding Material Parts and Components Quality is Daily Controlled By Our QC Department. The QC Controlling System Start from Steel Raw Material to Welding and Loading Capacity  Till Galvanizing. All of Wellmade’s QC Procedure is Planned and Designed According to ISO 9001 Management System.

Wellmade’s Ringlock Scaffolding Quality System includes Ringlock Parts and Components Mock-Up Inspection. This Special Designed QC Procedure Ensure All Ring System Parts are Compatible in Size and Connection.

Ringlock Scaffolding Rosette Ring Shearing Test

Ringlock Scaffolding Welding Test 

Wellmade’s Ringlock Scaffolding System Parts

Wellmade Is A Famous OEM Ringlock Scaffolding Factory. We manufacture Complete Components and Parts of Ring Lock System: Ringlock Scaffolding Standard Verticals, Ringlock Ledger Horizontals, Ringlock Diagonal Braces, Base Collars, Adjustable Screw Jack Base, U Head Jacks, Crazy Legs, Steel & Aluminium Stairs, Scaffolding Ladder, Side Brackets, Steel & Aluminium Scaffolding Planks.

Wellmade: Your Best Ringlock Scaffolding Manufacturer In China

If You are Seeking Qualified Ringlock Scaffolding Manufacturer and Exporter from China. Wellmade is Your Best Choice.

You can Find Very Few Real CE Certified Ringlock Scaffolding Factory In China.  Wellmade is the one who past EN1090 and ISO 3834 CE Certificated Factory.  Our Workers are trained by European Lab. Our factory is Audited from Management to Production, Approved Qualified to As A CE Factory Supplying Scaffolding and Ringlock System to European Countries.

Ringlock Scaffolding In Manufacturing
Ringlock Scaffolding In Manufacturing

Wellmade’s Ringlock Scaffolding has Exported to Global 55 Countries.  We are a very Professional Ringlock Scaffolding Company Knows Your Ringlock Scaffolding very Well.  Tell Us Which Country, We always Know Which Type of Ringlock System Your Market is Using. There are all types of Ringlock Scaffolding Rosette Rings and Ledger Heads, Brace Head Types for Your Choosing.

One Stop Ringlock Scaffolding Material Sourcing

Ringlock Scaffolding is a Modular System Scaffold for Construction. You can find from Wellmade All of the Components of Ring Lock System. Include Special Designed Ringlock Accessories of Crazy Leg, Leg Lock, Adjustable Side Bracket For Suspended Scaffolding, Childfriend Handrail For Staying Scaffolding.

Ringlock Scaffolding Fittings and Couplers Include Swivel Ledger Ends, Rosette Clamps, Double Ledger Heads are all available here in Hot dip galvanized.

For Single Elements, You are able to find all Sizes and Specification for your Ringlock Material Parts. For Example, Base Collar is Starter Elements of Ringlock System.  You can find 0.24m Base Collar Here. When your Base Collar is Using with Casters, You Base Collar Sizes have to use 410mm, 430mm, 440mm etc.  According to Your Construction Scaffolding Design, You may look for other sizes of the base collar: 0.26m,0.3m, 0.33m etc.

Free Ringlock Scaffolding Calculation and Design

As a Professional Scaffolding Manufacturer, Wellmade’s Engineers are ready to Design Ringlock Scaffolding Quantity According to Your Construction and Building Plan.

The Ringlock Scaffolding Arrangement is Calculated according to Ringlock Scaffolding Safety Load Test Result and Your Construction Load Requirement or Formwork Shuttering Slab Thickness.

We are able to design for your the Most Save and Most Safety Ringlock Scaffolding System for Your Construction Building and Shutter Shoring.

Door to Door Delivery

As an Experience  Exporting Scaffold Factory, Wellmade has Wide Range of Partners to help Delivery and Custom. We always Send Material to Clients’ Project or Stock from China. In Some Countries, like The USA, Canada, Indonesia, Malaysia, We even can offer Import Licences and Permit for Your Ringlock Scaffolding Import.

Daily Test of Ringlock Scaffolding

Wellmade’s Ringlock Scaffolding is not only Tested In 3rd Party Testing House. In order to Make all Ringlock Scaffolding Qualified and Safety, Wellmade Keep Daily Testing In our Own Lab House.

Our Testing Engineers and QC Engineers Control the Whole Process of  Ringlock Scaffolding Fabrication.  You can find Steel Raw Material Test Result, Welding Line Quality Test, Daily Measure Inspection Records. Single Ringlock Scaffolding System Parts Load Results. Ringlock Scaffolding Elements Rosette Rings, Ledger Head Properties, Size Mock Up Inspection Photos from Wellmade.

OEM Service for Your Ringlock Scaffolding Products

Wellmade is Famous OEM Ringlock Scaffolding Manufacturer.  We Produce Ringlock Scaffolding Products and Materials to Scaffolding Companies and Formwork Companies with Clients Sticker and Logo on.

Our Molds and Jigs Engineers Swift Production Lines According to Your Product Fabrication Drawings and Steel Specifications.  In Wellmade, It is Easy to Make Your Design Come True without any Compromise.

In Past Two Decades, Wellmade has Worked for Many Famous Scaffolding and Formwork Companies Global Wide.



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