Ringlock Scaffolding Service Life

A lot of clients ask questions about what is wellmade’s ringlock scaffolding service life? For hot dip galvanized components and parts, the service life should be 50 years. Consider environment condition, we say 20 years service life should be available.  This service life on condition of a regular maintenance be done every 2 years. If weather and temperature is wet, the maintenance term should be every year.
Regular maintenance includes anti-rusty paint, change bend or damaged elements like wedge pins and rivet etc.
Ringlock scaffolding system components like base jack in zinc-plated and steel planks made by galvanized steel. The service life will be around 5 years. And maintenance should do each year.
Ringlock scaffolding system is a modular system, storage management and installation instruction is very important. Cruel Operation is not allowed. System Components and parts should be stack in order according to each items and each size with mark to avoid any non expected damage.
ringlock scaffolding system for construction building hot dip galvanized surface for durable purpose
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