Ringlock Scaffolding Poles W – Bolt Nut Spigot

Ringlock Scaffolding Poles-Ring Lock System Scaffold Standards Verticals

-ISO&CE China lead OEM Scaffolding

Ringlock Scaffolding Standard Verticals are made from High Strength Steel Grade Scaffold Tubes  in OD48.3×3.2mm for normal duty and OD60mm scaffold tube for shoring heavy duty.
The rosette rings on the ringlock verticals are customized according to each companies requirement.
Ringlock scaffolding spigot coupling pins can be pressed in type, which is not easy to move out from scaffold poles. While bolt and nut type spigot can be removed from scaffolding standards to make ringlock scaffolding standard able to connect with forkhead, adjustable u jacks and slab formwork  support beams.
ringlock scaffolding with bolt and nut spigpt easy removal in construction building access tower
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