Scaffold Board Decking For Ringlock

Wellmade is professional scaffold board decking manufacturer. You can find many types of the ringlock scaffold board decking here:

  • Pin Lock Dog Ear Deck Platform 241x76mm
  • Steel Walk Platform in Width 210mm to 500mm
  • Aluminium Deck Plank 19”
  • Aluminium Plank with Plywood Deck 19”
  • Trapdoor Platform with Ladder

Wellmade control the scaffolding board decking quality in manufacturing according to ISO 9001 management. In addition, our welding quality will make your satisfied too, because Wellmade is the only scaffold factory who past ISO 3834 & EN1090 CE certified in Europe.

Ask us ring lock scaffold catalogue and prices for your construction scaffold needs now.

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Wellmade’s Scaffold Board Decking For Ring Lock System

Scaffold board decking is ringlock scaffolding system components. It is an access scaffolding part of the ring system. According to the metal material, there are aluminium type and steel type scaffold board decking.

Aluminium type scaffold board decking include:

  • Full Aluminium Planks
  • Aluminium Plank with Plywood Decking
  • Steel and Aluminium Mixed Board

Aluminium scaffold board decking is lightweight. It is easy handing at your construction site.  Moreover, aluminum trap door platform is a special scaffold board decking for your access.

Steel type scaffold board decking include

  • Pre-galvanized steel boards
  • Hot dip galvanized steel boards
  • Painted scaffold boards

You can choose the scaffold board decking with plank hooks or without plank hooks. In construction, the scaffold board decking with hooks connects with ring lock scaffold horizontal parts. Hooks diameter is matched with the horizontals.

How ever, according to the ringlock scaffolding horizontal parts types, there are u type plank hooks and O type plank hooks for your ring lock system scaffold.

Wellmade’s scaffold board decking forms a work platform and access walking board for your ringlock scaffolding. You can use the ring lock scaffold board decking using is all construction industrial, like industrial construction, commercial construction, civil construction, building scaffolding, maintenance, stucco and plaster etc.

For steel scaffold board decking, hot dip galvanizing is the most durable. It is with 60-80 micro zinc thickness and great adheres. Thus hot dip galvanizing is able to protect your ringlock scaffold board decking longer time without corrosion and rusty.

Hot dip galvanized scaffold board decking is not only used in normal scaffolding construction but also popularly used in offshore scaffolding.

In a conclusion, if your construction need an easier handing ringlock scaffold boards, aluminium type scaffold decking is the most suitable. If you want cheaper scaffold board decking, choose steel type boards.

We customized the ring lock scaffold board decking specification according to your load bearing. Thus there are heavy-duty, lightweight scaffold boards to each type ring lock board decks.

In manufacturing, Wellmade do 100% match up inspection to make sure the scaffold board decking is perfect fit all ring lock scaffold parts. We do not know inspect the sizes of the scaffold board decking. Board decking accessories are also tested and inspected. More than that, Wellmade is no problem to offer your product warranty. Our wide agent net is able to offer you door to door delivery if needed.

A competitive price is another factor to keep long term clients. In Wellmade, you are not only able to find one-stop ringlock scaffolding solution with scaffold board decking. You are able to enjoy the real benefits.

Wellmade’s scaffold board decking is not only for sale to trading companies and construction engineering companies. Our great quality is also to attract rental and hire companies.

Tell us your scaffold board decking size & specification, you will get a professional reply within one day by Wellmade’s sales.


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