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  • 16mm RebarRods with 190 KN
  • 20mm Rebar Rods with 345 KN
  • High Tensile Steel Tie Rod
  • Compatible with DSI System

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Your Professional Formwork Rebar Rods Supplier In China

Wellmade is the OEM rebar rods manufacturer for formwork and scaffolding companies. We supply rebar rods in size of 16mm and 20mm.

Wellmade rebar rods could be black or galvanized finish. You can find the dw 15 and dw20 rebar rod couplers and nut here too. The rebar coupler and nut could be cast iron and drop forged type.

In fabrication, the rebar rod is in steel grade 900/1100 n/mm2. Thus the 16mm rebar rod’s break load is more than 190 KN. While 20mm rebar rods could reach more than 345 KN.

Wellmade’s threaded rebar rod are used popularly in concrete formwork. It fixing formwork panels in place using together with the tie forming system components and accessories.

Send us your rebar rods and accessories needs to get a good price buying directly from the OEM factory.

Choose Your Rebar Rods Type In Wellmade

15mm Dywidag Bar

15mm rebar rod is the most used sizes in the concrete tie rod forming system. It is simple called dw15. The threaded rod is with inner diameter 15mm and outer 17mm(15/17mm or D16 Tie Rod)

20mm Dywidag Bar

20mm rebar rod is a heavy duty type of tie rod. DW20 rebars are jointed with 20mm couplers and nuts in concrete formwork. The 20 threaded rod is in 20mm inner diameter and 23mm outer diameter(20/23mm Tie Rod)

Black Dywidag Bars

In concrete form work, black rebar rods are used the most popular. It is inserted into concrete thus no need surface treatment.

Galvanized Dywidag Tie Rod

You can ask the rebar rods with zinc plated(E-galvanized). There are white colour galvanizing and yellow or golden zinc finishing.

Hot Rolled Tie Bars

Most rebar rods are hot rolled. There are 450, 550, 650, 830, 930 steel grate for the hot rolled tie bars. Hot rolled tie bar is in high tensile

Cold Rolled Tie Rod

You can find cold rolled rebar rods too.  In cold-rolled fabrication, there are tie rod steel grade 235, 450. High steel cold rolled tie rod grade is in 42CrMo. 42 CrMo cold rolled tie rod could reach high tensile in 188 KN, similar to 930 hot rolled rebar rods.

DW 15 Rebar Rod Technical Data and Test Report

Wellmade test your rebar rod max load against each order. Thus you can have a structural calculate to choose which rebar rods are suitable for your concrete construction.

DW15 Rebar Rod Technical Data

190KN DW 15 Rebar Rods

It is a type of hot rolled type threaded tie rod. 190 KN bars ar the standard rebar rods system formwork tie rod.

144KN DW 15 Rebar Rods

144KN  Rebar rods are cold rolled in steel 450. The break load is less than hot rolled 900/1100 steel grade rebars.

188 KN Rebar Rods

Wellmade 188KN Rebar Rods are cold roled too. The steel grade is special 42 CrMo. The breaking load is similar to hot rolled 900/1100 tie bars. But the steel cost is lower thus the price is much cheaper.

Dywidag bar ultimate Load Test
Dywidag Rebar Rod Ultimate Load Test

Formwork Rebar Rod Couplers and Nuts

Dywidag Nut

There are two wing and three wings of the formwork tie rod wing nut. You can use wing nut with washer plate. In sizes, you can choose wing nut for dw 15 or dw 20 tie bars.

  • Cast Iron tie rod wing nut is the most used, while the cost is much cheaper than drop forged wing nuts.
  • Drop forged wing nut functionally take more loading from concrete. While the surface is smooth and shiny. But the cost is much expensive than cast iron formwork wing nuts.
Dywidag Couplers

Hex Nut is used a lot in rebar rods formwork concrete rebar rod system, also called rebar couplers.

Wellmade produce the rebar couplers in height from 20mm to 150mm. You can choose the rebar coupler sizes for your dw15 or dw20 tie bars.

Wellmade is not only offer cast iron hex nut. We also manufacturer drop-forged weldable hex nut for your construction concrete work.

All Formwork System Accessories

With more than 20 years OEM scaffolding and formwork manufacturing experience, Wellmade not only offer you the rebar couplers and nuts, we offer one stop formwork and scaffolding material sourcing. You can ask a quote for your formwork system and shoring scaffolding include

  • Slab Formwork
  • Beam Formwork
  • Table Formwork
  • Wall Formwork
  • Bridge & Tunnel Formwork
  • Formwork Panels
  • Formwork Accessories
  • Shoring Scaffolding

Wellmade Philosophy: Win-Win Benefits

You can buy the rebar rod from local or import from other companies. But If you send us your requirement, you will know Wellmade is the No.1 rebar rod manufacturer and supplier in China.

We not only test raw material to ensure our products reaching required load before mass production. We alse test each batch by real testing result. Only qualified rebar rod products are reaching you. You can ask test report for each of your order.

Wellmade doing strict production quality controlling system according to ISO 9001. With internal management,we have confident to give product warranties.

More than that, Wellmade is an mutual benefits formwork and scaffolding manufacturer, we understand win – win benefits. Wellmade’s orders are 90% from old clients in repeating buying. This is not only because of our high and stable quality, but our rebar rod competitive price is another reason. We always like to bring you great profit through our efficient management.

Wellmade wait for your mails and calls to collect professional information about rebar rods, formwork and scaffolding products.

We Believe Buyers Win, We Win.

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