Push Pull Props

Push pull props are a type of steel acrow props that are used to support wall and beam formwork. It aligns the formwork and falsework at an angle to transfer wind loads in concrete.
Push pull props are prefabricated in an adjustable range. One set of push pull props can be assembled by two braces, one long and one short brace, to form, the higher and lower, two support points on the wall or beam falsework.
One single push pull prop includes top and bottom plates, inner and outer tubes and screw jacks, and jack nuts. The types of push pull props are customized for heavy duty, light duty, and medium duty.

Adjustable Steel Push & Pull Test Report

push pull prop capacity test result

Push Pull Prop Types

Push pull props types are designed in customized. Wellmade designs according to your drawing and specifications, samples.

Following are the main types of push pull props

WM6048 Types of Pull Pull Props (Type 1)

WM4860 type of push pull props for wall and beam formwork support
WM4860 type of push pull props for wall and beam formwork support
WM6048 Push Pull Props Include an inner tube and an outer tube with swivel top and bottom plates.
Parts of the WM6048 Push Pull Props
  1. OD48.3mm inner tube with holes.
  2. OD60mm outer tube with threaded sleeves
  3. The top plate is Fixed On the Inner Tube by a Bolt and Nut
  4. The bottom plate is Fixed on the Outer Tube by Bolt and Nut
  5. Prop Nuts
  6. G Pins

Sizes & Specifications (WM4860 Push Pull)

WM4860 Push Pull Prop Sizes & Spec
SizeClosedOpenLight TypeMedium TypeHeavy Type
Size 01.140m1.829m2.0mm Tube3.2mm Tube4.0mm Tube
Size 11.850m3.124m2.0mm Tube3.2mm Tube4.0mm Tube
Size 22.080m3.352m2.0mm Tube3.2mm Tube4.0mm Tube
Size 32.690m3.962m2.0mm Tube3.2mm Tube4.0mm Tube
Size 43.300m4.876m2.0mm Tube3.2mm Tube4.0mm Tube

Double Braced Push Pull Props (Type 2)

double braced push pull props with short and long brace for wall and column formwork
double braced push pull props with short and long brace for wall and column formwork
Double braced push pull props always include a long brace and a short brace. The long and short braces are joined by a big push pull prop plate. Components of the double-braced push pull props:
  1. One long size push pull prop (adjustable)
  2. One short size push pull prop (adjustable)
  3. One big bottom plate
  4. Two single plates at the top of each push pull brace
The design of each single push pull prop is customized in adjustable range, sizes of prop tubes and spindles, etc.
Double braced push pull props can support wall and column formwork by triangular to make concrete forming and shuttering more safe and stable.
Double Braced Push Pull Props 
CodeShort BraceLong BraceTube Thickness

Push Pull Prop Plates

Push pull prop plates are parts of single or double braced push pulls.  There are two types of plates.
One is used to connect both two braces of push pull props. They are fixed at the bottom part of double braced push pull props and connected to the ground.
Another type of push pull prop plate is for each single push pull prop, they are fixed at the top of the push pull props and connect to the wall formwork or column formwork.

Wellmade’s Push Pull Props

If you are seeking push and pull props, Wellmade will be your best choice. We have many types of push pull props designs for your choice. While, you can send us your image to get your types of push pull props.
As an OEM scaffolding manufacturer, our engineers are experts in giving suggestions according to your construction height, loading, shape, etc.
In erection, the push-pull props are fixed by top and bottom base plate. The steel base plate is connected and fixed by scaffolding bolts.  Scaffolding bolt and nuts, as a attachment of the push pull props is in 8.8 top class. With this simple erection, Wellmade’s push pull props secure the safety and stable of your wall formwork and column form support during the concrete.
The most popular type of push pull props in Wellmade are as the following:
  • Push-Pull Props OD48/60mm: with Heavy Duty Prop Nuts and Bolted Base Plate On Inner and Outer Tube
  • Push-Pull Props Spindle Type: With Right and Left Threaded Inner Spindles.

In addition, Wellmade offers OEM/ODM manufacturing Service for Global Famous Construction Formwork Companies. Our Engineer Offers Customized Design according to your Safety Load Capacity Requirement at Different Adjusting Height.

You Can Find From Wellmade Galvanized Push-Pull Props for Durable Purpose In Corrosion Resistant. Paint and Powder Coated Push-Pull Props are popular too on its Cost Saving and Color Recognized.


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