Post Shore Prop

Wellmade’s post shores are heavy duty types of acrow props. It is used as a steel post support for your hi load concrete and shuttering.

Wellmade’s post shores are tested according to EN 1065 standard. You can have all class post shore here for yur construction: Class B, Class C, Class D and Class E.

In fabrication, the post-shore scaffolding jacks are manufactured according to ISO 9001, EN 1090, and ISO 3834 standards. Thus, Wellmade always brings you the top quality steel post shore for your structure with a post shore scaffold product warranty.

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Wellmade’s Post Shores and Props

If you are seeking heavy-duty post-shore props. Wellmade will be your best choice.

We produce top-quality post-shore props according to EN 1065 standards. Our 24 hours testing to ensure the post shores are qualified in loading capacity and welding.

In sizes, Wellamde engineers are able to design the post shores according to your slab formwork height. In addition, you can tell us your concrete slab thickness, our engineers are able to offer the post-shores drawing to meet up your weight load requirement.

Welmade’s post shores are compatible with other formwork accessories like scaffolding tripod, forkhead, u head, beam and film faced plywood etc.

The steel post-shore props are adjustable with minimum height and max height.  It is convenient for different applications in your construction concrete.
If you want door-to-door delivery, it is convenient for us to send material to your address. More than that, you are able to get direct benefits in pricing, professional consulting, and services.
Wellmade’s post-shore props are assembled by the steel props parts include heavy duty prop inner tubes, outer tubes, props sleeves, props nuts,g pins, top plate, and bottom steel plates, etc.
As heavy-duty adjustable scaffolding steel props, the post shoring jacks, Wellmade’s post shores are used widely in heavy load weight and duty requirement of concrete formwork support and scaffolding temporary propping.
Wellmade is able to help your high load shoring post props in customized design up to max adjustable height of 5.5m and 6m.
According to the required shoring post height and safety load capacity, the post shoring jacks’ inner tube size can be OD48.3mm, OD60mm, OD63mm, OD76mm. While the outer tube specifications of the shoring post would be in OD60mm, OD76mm, OD89mm.
You can find all finishings for the adjustable steel post shoring jacks, include zinc-plated, painted, powder-coated, or hot-dip galvanized.
Tell us the needs of the post-shore props, Wellmade’s expert will contact you immediately to offer the pricing and information.

Shoring Post Prop

british type shoringn post shore prop - adjustable formwork props- steel scaffolding jacks

O.D 48 | OD60mm Post Shoring Prop

CodeItemsAdjustable HeightInner Tube Size(mm)Outer Tube SizeWeight
UKPS00Post Shore SIze No.0#1.05m-1.83mOD48.3×1035OD60x103012.73KG
UKPS01Post Shore SIze No. 1#1.65m-2.72mOD48.3×1750OD60x167018.59KG
UKPS02Post Shore SIze No. 2#1.97m-3.35mOD48.3×1970OD60x168019.45KG
UKPS03Post Shore SIze No. 3#2.58-3.96mOD48.3×2580OD60x168021.44KG
UKPS04Post Shore SIze No. 4#3.2m-4.87mOD48.3×3190OD60x212025.85KG
american type shoring post jacks - construction acrow formwork prop- scaffoldnig steel props- slab form work support jack

O.D 1.91″ Inner Tube | O.D 2.38″ Outer Tube Shoring Post

CodeItemsLengthExternal TubeInternal Tube
USPS00-MUS Shoring Post Size 0#3’6″-6′2.38″x0.09″x32.17″1.91″x0.126″x41.65″
USPS01-MUS Shoring Post Size 1#5’9″-10’3″2.38″x0.09″x50.94″1.91″x0.126″x66.73″
USPS02-MUS Shoring Post Size 2#6’6″-11′2.38″x0.09″x52.28″1.91″x0.126″x77.48″
USPS03-MUS Shoring Post Size 3#8’6″-13′2.38″x0.09″x62.28″1.91″x0.126″x101.5″
USPS04-MUS Shoring Post Size 4#10’6″-15’6″2.38″x0.09″x68.62″1.91″x0.126″x125.5″

O.D 2.5″ Inner Tube | O.D 3″ Outer Tube Shoring Post

CodeItemsLengthExternal TubeInternal Tube
USPS00-HHi Load Shoring Post 0# -American Type3’6″-6′2.5″x0.137″x32.17″3″x0.12″x41.65″
USPS01-HHi Load Shoring Post 1# -American Type5’9″-10’3″2.5″x0.137″x50.94″3″x0.12″x66.73″
USPS02-HHi Load Shoring Post 2# -American Type6’6″-11′2.5″x0.137″x52.28″3″x0.12″x77.48″
USPS03-HHi Load Shoring Post 3# -American Type8’6″-13′2.5″x0.137″x62.28″3″x0.12″x101.5″
USPS04-HHi Load Shoring Post 4# -American Type10’6″-15’6″2.5″x0.137″x68.62″3″x0.12″x125.5″


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