Phenolic Plywood

Wellmade’s Phenolic Plywood is produced and export to global formwork and construction companies. Our Phenolic Plywood is film faced. It makes phenolic plywood in smooth faces. We produce both poplar core and birch core veneer for your phenolic plywood.

Face and Back of the phenolic plywood are filmed with impregnated birch ply.  You can choose black filmed, brown filmed and red film for your phenolic film faced plywood.

Wellmade customize your phenolic plywood sizes. The most common size would be 4′ x 8′ (1220x2440mm)  in width and length.    You can also find regular size in 915x1830mm(3’x6′) and 1250x2500mm phenolic plywood here.

Phenolic Plywood Thickness is customized too. The Most Common Thickness is 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 21mm and 24mm.

How to Choose Phenolic Plywood

When you choose phenolic plywood, you may know phenolic plywood sizes in width and length as well as thickness. That is a specification requirement from your construction concrete project.

With the dimension, you can collect phenolic plywood prices of course.   But if you give more information about the following details would find more suitable phenolic plywood material:

How many times repeat uses of the phenolic plywood

If you want the phenolic plywood with more than 20 times using in construction.  The lumber of core veneer would be birch. The glue should be more density. And in fabricate, more plies would be applicated and Bigger heat pressure.

If only few times reuse, you can choose the cheaper type of phenolic plywood saving the cost.

What film colour do you want?

You can choose:

  • Black film faced phenolic plywood
  • Red FilmPlywood
  • Brown film Plywood
  • Green Phenolic Plywood

The Back and Face Film could with logo & mark or without any letters on.  This information impacts fabricated cost too.

How Many Pieces of Phenolic Plywood are required in your construction

If construction is required a big quantity of phenolic plywood. Fabrication and raw material cost would be lower than a smaller quantity. Thus you can get a better price at a lower cost.

You can get from Wellmade related scaffolding and formwork products work with the Phenolic Plywood. Include shoring scaffolding materials of H Frame Scaffolding, Main Frame Scaffolding, Ringlock Scaffolding, Cuplock Scaffolding, Adjustable U Head JacksFormwork Accessories, Steel Formwork Panels and Formwork Accessories of Concrete Tie Rod, Anchor Nut etc.

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