Peri Construction Extensible Column Formwork Clamps

Wellmade is Formwork Clamps Manufacturer In China. You Can Find All Types of Formwork Clamps Here.

The Peri Column Formwork Clamp is One of Wellmade’s Formwork Accessories.   It is a Type of Rapid Clamps for Column Formwork Concrete. Strength and Fixing The Column Formwork In Safety.

As an ISO9001 & CE Certified Formwork Clamp Supplier, Wellmade is able to Bring You Real Formwork Clamps Value.

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Wellame’s Formwork Clamps are Produced for Peri Construction. It is Accessories and Tools of Peri Formwork Concrete and Shuttering.

The Column Formwork Clamp Firms Column Formwork Between Different Panel Structure. More than that,  It is Extensible to Meet Up All of Your Column Formwork Sizes and Concrete purposes.

You can find White Color and Golden Color Galvanizing for Your Formwork Clamps.

Peri Formwork Column Clamp

WPERICMetal Peri Column ClampGalvanized5.6KG
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