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Professional Offshore Scaffolding Manufacturer In China

If you are seeking offshore scaffolding materials. Wellmade will be your best choice. We are the offshore scaffolding vendors for many oil and gas companies like Shell, KNPC and KOC, Sinopec, etc.

Wellmade is an ISO 9001 and CE certificated offshore scaffolding manufacturer. You can find all related test reports and certifications against the offshore scaffolding orders.

There are complete offshore scaffolding materials in Wellmade. Include scaffold tubes BS EN39 standard, scaffolding fittings EN74 Class B, scaffold boards EN 12810, and timber boards BS2482, etc.

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Wellmade’s Offshore Scaffolding Components List

BS EN 39 Offshore Scaffold Tube

In the offshore scaffolding, oil gas companies always choose type 4 scaffold tube conform to BS EN 39 standard with hot dip galvanizing finish.

Offshore Scaffold Double Coupler

Wellmade manufactures both E-galvanized (zinc-plated) and Hot dip galvanized right angle coupler for the oil gas companies. Both types double couplers are tested EN74 Class B

Offshore Scaffold Swivel Coupler

Offshore scaffolding swivel couplers are drop forged type in hot dip galvanized. It fixes O.d 48.3mm scaffold tube in free degrees.

Offshore Scaffold Board Retaining Coupler

Board clamps are the scaffold fitting connect between scaffold boards and scaffold poles. Wellmade’s board clamps are in 38 to 50mm height to match your timber and steel scaffold board sizes.

Offshore Scaffold Limpet Clamps

Limpet clamps are another type of board clamps in pressed steel. It is used in some European and Asia offshore scaffold projects connect 38-40mm thickness scaffold boards.

Offshore Scaffold Putlog Coupler Single Clamp

Drop forged single putlog scaffold coupler is one of the most popular used scaffold fittings in oil gas rigging. You can find from Wellmade BS1139 (EN74) standard galvanized putlog couplers for your offshore construction.

Offshore Scaffold Sleeve Coupler

Sleeve coupler also called joint pin box. Wellmade’s sleeve couplers are tested according to EN74 and BS1139 standard. You can find hot dip galvanized sleeve clamps for your O.D 48.3mm scaffolding tubes.

Offshore Scaffold Base Plate

Base plate is bottom footplate for offshore scaffolding poles. There are fixed and adjustable scaffold base plate for your choosing. In the offshore construction, HDG base plate are more durable.

Offshore Scaffold Beam Clamp Fixed Type

You can find both fixed and swivel scaffolding beam clamp for your offshore scaffolding projects. Wellmade’s beam clamps are tested according to AS1576 and use in pairs.

Offshore Scaffold Steel Boards

Steel scaffold boards are with anti-slip surface. It forms a work platform for the offshore scaffolding system. There are hot dip galvanized and pre-galvanized(GI) scaffolding steel boards EN12810 tested.

Offshore Scaffold Wooden Boards

Wooden boards use for oil gas offshore scaffolding are conformed to BS 2482 standard with end plates for timber board protection. Fire-resistant wooden boards are also available as request.

Aluminium Ladder Heavy Duty D Type for Offshore Scaffolding

According to the oil gas companies, offshore scaffolding projects always use the heavy duty D type aluminum ladders for their construction access. Wellmade offer you tested heavy duty aluminium ladders.

Scaffolding Wheels Adjustable Casters

You can find heavy duty scaffolding wheels with test result more than 1 tons for your offshore movable scaffold  tower. Wellmade supplies you both fixed and adjustable scaffolding wheels.

Offshore Scaffold Aluminium Unit Beam

Wellmade offers you both steel and aluminum types of scaffold unit beams for your  offshore scaffolding projects. You can find both 450mm and 750mm unit beams and x beams in Wellmade

Offshore Scaffold Ladder Beam

OD 48.3mm scaffold steel ladder beams are made from 3.2mm or 4.0mm scaffolding pipes. Hot dip galvanized ladder beams helps offshore scaffolding for the big span scaffolding poles.

Tube and Clamp Offshore Scaffolding

Wellmade’s tube and clamp scaffolding system is the most used type of offshore scaffolding. The offshore scaffold tubes are able to cut into different lengths. Thus it is flexible to form the irregular shapes for the offshore scaffolding.

Offshore Scaffolding Types
  • Hanging Scaffolding
  • Access Scaffolding
  • Independent Scaffolding
  • Single Scaffolding
  • Cantilever Scaffolding
  • Rolling Scaffold Tower
  • Permanent Scaffolding
  • Temporary Support scaffold

Modular System Offshore Scaffolding

offshore ringlock scaffolding system

Ringlock scaffold modular system is required a lot by big oil gas companies. Using the prefabricated ringlock scaffolding components and parts, no need for any extra fittings or tools. Shorten the offshore scaffolding installation time. Ringlock modular system parts include ring lock standard vertilcal, horizontal ledgers, diagonal braces, ringlock side brackets, hook-on planks, etc.

offshore cuplock scaffolding modular system

Cuplock modular scaffold system is required by a lot in gulf oil gas companies. It is fabricated with a top cup, bottom cup on cuplock verticals. While the ledger blades on the cuplock horizontals. The modular cuplock components make the offshore scaffolding erection easier and quicker. Cuplock offshore scaffold system elements include cuplock verticals, cuplock ledgers, cuplock braces,cuplock brackets, and hop up, etc.


Offshore scaffolding construction

Wellmade’s offshore scaffolding materials and products are able to satisfy all purpose of your offshore scaffolding requirement.  Include offshore oil rig construction and drilling, oil gas facilities maintenance and repair, replacing worn components, cleaning and painting, oil rig equipment parts inspection, shipyard vessel building, temporary structure area support etc.

Our engineers are professional and ready to calculate the scaffolding material list and quantity according to your offshore scaffolding construction sizes, plan and requirement.

  • Shipyard Scaffolding
  • Refinery Scaffolding
  • Tank Scaffolding
  • Petrochemical Scaffolding
  • Facade Scaffolding
  • Rigging Scaffold
  • Marine Scaffolding
  • Oil and Gas Scaffolding

Wellmade’s Offshore Scaffolding

Offshore scaffolding materials are different from civil construction and building scaffolding products. It is used on the sea and allows workers and oil rig equipment access to the heights and area. Thus offshore scaffolding needs to be meet up the height of rigging. It must also have a potential weight that bears the required strengths.

Thus oil gas scaffolders are always with oil gas rigging certification which is able to handle the offshore scaffolding materials at height and hanging status.

During the past 20 years of exporting, Wellmade’s offshore scaffolding materials are shipped directly to the oil gas companies’ projects in Europe, South East Asia, Gulf Countries, Latin American countries, etc.

Different from other scaffolding manufacturers in China, Wellmade is a CE certificated factory with EN 1090 and ISO 3834 management system.  You can find all of our offshore scaffolding materials are penetrated tested.

We also test every offshore scaffolding load capacity, slip, and ultimate strength to ensure offshore scaffolding quality and safety.

Wellmade is an ISO 9001 scaffold factory too. We control our offshore scaffolding materials from raw material testing to galvanizing finishing adhere test.

  • Offshore scaffolding raw material test:  Wellmade test the steel coils and steel round bar structures. The raw material test includes chemical components tests and physical tensile tests and yield tests, elongation, flattening tests, etc. The raw material needs to conform to BS 1139 or EN 39 standard requirement.
  • Welding theoretical throat test and penetrate test for the offshore scaffolding welding lines. The purpose is to ensure the whole welding lines are penetrated and strong enough.
  • Scaffolding Coupler Slip and Distortion Test. This test is a daily test to ensure all of our scaffolding couplers are met up the EN 74 Class B heavy strength requirement.
  • Scaffold tube chemical and physical test. The scaffold tube test ensures the final finished offshore scaffolding pipes conform to EN 39 standard in every detail.
  • Offshore scaffolding components load capacity test. Wellmade is not only testing the whole scaffold system. We test the offshore scaffold system parts and components load capacity to ensure the stable quality of offshore scaffolding materials.
  • Galvanizing adhere test and 24 hours salty spray test. Adhere test to ensure the zinc are protect the offshore scaffolding material in great without pill off with any man-made forces. Salty spray test ensures the offshore scaffolding protects well even under the wet and salty environment. Wellmade’s high-quality galvanizing reduces your maintenance frequency. This saves a lot of oil gas companies. With a strict offshore scaffolding quality controlling system, Wellmade’s offshore scaffolding is approved by all of the global oil gas companies. That is the reason we are the long-term oil gas scaffolding vendors and supplier for Shell, Sinopec, KNPC and KOC, China petroleum, etc.
  • Offshore scaffolding mock-up inspection. Modular scaffolding mock-up inspection is always a regular quality control process. This is a purpose to find every offshore scaffolding parts are compatible with each other in sizes, shapes, hooks, locks, etc.

Offshore scaffolding Packages

Offshore projects are always far from the mainland. Thus offshore scaffolding materials and product transportation are more complicated.  That is why the safety of offshore scaffolding packages is very important.

Wellmade is very professional in the offshore scaffold material package.  Our offshore scaffolding material package types are varied according to the sizes and shapes, the weight of the offshore scaffolding products. Include wooden crates, wooden boxes, steel pallets, timber racks, etc. During loading and shipping, we are able to offer extra protection against the offshore scaffolding racks and box fixing by ropes and chains, mats, etc.

In addition, Wellmade is also very professional in package lifting and operation point marks. The lifting and operation points help the offshore scaffolding companies in scaffold products unloading at the offshore construction projects.

More than that, all of our offshore scaffolding packages are designed in stackable. It is much easier in transportation and storage.

Offshore Scaffolding Packaged in wooden box with plastic bag inside
Offshore Scaffolding Packaged in a wooden box with a plastic bag inside

Offshore scaffolding material warranty  

Offshore scaffolding materials are sometimes permanent scaffolding. It is used for long-term inspection, repair and cleaning, painting. Thus offshore scaffolding durable is more important than normal temporary construction support scaffolding. Wellmde supplies you the offshore scaffolding warranties against your offshore and marine scaffold material purchase.

Custom your offshore scaffolding

More than standard offshore scaffolding materials, Wellmade’s engineers and technicians are very experienced in design offshore scaffolding according to your special construction requirement. Wellmade’s production team is able to make the custom offshore scaffolding come true.

Types of Wellmade’s offshore scaffolding system

Wellmade’s offshore scaffolding system is versatile. You can find the following offshore scaffolding systems according to your loading bearing and construction requirement

  • Tube and clamp offshore scaffold
  • Ringlock Scaffolding Scaffold
  • Cuplock Scaffolding Scaffold
  • Kwikstage Scaffolding System
  • Quick-Lock Scaffold
  • Crab 60 scaffolding
  • Aluminum Offshore Scaffold Tower  

We Pursuing In Bring you The Most Valid Offshore Scaffolding Products.

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