New Type of Forged Scaffolding Prop Nut

Adjustable Scaffolding Steel Prop is vertical support equipment for slab formwork, beam formwork support.  Height of the steel prop is flexible between designed minimum height to max height. Steel prop elements include a top plate, bottom plate, prop sleeve, prop nut, lock pin (G pin or straight pin), inner tube and outer tube, etc.
The Prop Nuts are important parts on the outer tube of the steel props. There are a lot of types of prop nuts, include drop forged type, cast steel, and cast iron.
Cast iron prop nut is a cost economy and most popular used prop nuts. While it is come out with inner thread, easier and quicker come out from production.
Cast steel is more expensive, while stable in physical property in less hardness and not easily break-even under wild handling.
Drop forged prop nut is the highest quality one, with all strengths but the most expensive type of prop nut. Which is durable in use. Inner thread of the nut comes from extra machinery process after forging.
This prop nut with handle is easy using and adjusting in construction. It is in OD60mm for OD48/OD60mm scaffolding steel props.
Prop nut can be E-galvanized or hot dip galvanized.


new type of forged prop nut of adjustable steel prop scaffolding - vertical poles for formwork concrete construction shuttering

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