Multi Function Scaffolding Props for Slab Formwork

Wellmade is the multi function scaffolding props manufacturer in China.  The multi function scaffolding props are used mostly for slab formwork shuttering in construction.

Compare to normal scaffolding props, the multi function scaffolding props are designed for heavy duty scaffold support. More than that, the inner tube and outer tube of the scaffolding props are integrated. Thus you can use the multi function scaffolding props to support concrete slab and forms by both sides.

According to the test result, Wellmade’s multifunction scaffolding props are able to take about twice weight in concrete slab support.

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Raw Material In Test

Load Test

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Wellmde’s Multi-Function Scaffold Prop for Slab Formwork

If you are seeking heavy duty scaffolding props for your slab and beam formwork shoring, Wellmade will be your best choice.

Our special designed multi-function scaffolding props’ inner tubes are integrated with the prop outer tube. The removable design saves you time in construction. It also increases your construction safety. More than that, the multi-functional design and fabrication make the multifunction scaffolding props working from both the top and bottom sides.  When you put the outer tube side at the top, the loading weight is able to increase a lot for your construction.

Wellmade is not only a scaffolding manufacturer, we can help you design your multifunction scaffolding props according to your safety load requirement and slab floor height. In addition, you can choose both galvanized and painting for your multifunction scaffolding props.

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Multi Slab Formwork Props

The Multifunction scaffolding props features:

  • Wellmade Scaffold Produces Heavy Duty Galvanized Multi Slab Formwork Props to Europe.
  • Integrated Non-Removable Inner Tube, Heavy Duty Prop Nut.
  • This multi slab prop is cost-effective, used as temporary formwork propping support by both inner tube and outer tube in slab and table formwork and shuttering.  No need for any assembly, saving cost for different load capacity load requirements. Longer life in repeat propping.
  • The adjustable height of the multi slab props is customized range according to support floor height or beam height.
  • The multi slab props are compatible with adjustable forkhead jacks, tripod, etc.
  • Multi Slab Props are always Galvanized for Durable Purpose.

Wellmade’s multifuction scaffolding props sizes and specifications

WMP252.5m Multi PropOD48 | OD60 |OD76 |OD89Galvanized
WMP303.0m Multi PropOD48 | OD60 |OD76 |OD89Galvanized
WMP404.0m Multi PropOD48 | OD60 |OD76 |OD89Galvanized
WMP555.5m Multi PropOD48 | OD60 |OD76 |OD89Galvanized
WMP353.5m Mult PropOD48 | OD60 |OD76 |OD89Galvanized
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