Masonry Mud Tabs and Stands Equipment

Wellmade is masonry equipment manufacturer in China. You can find the masonry mud tub, mortar stands, veneer jacks, veneer jack frames and scaffolding folding a frame trestle here for your masonry construction.
Wellmade produces the masonry mortar tubs, mortar stands and other masonry equipment according to ISO 9001 management.
You can find the masonry equipment welding quality is at the top level because Wellmade is the CE certified scaffolding and formwork factory. Our welders and welding quality are audit and confirmed with ISO 3834 and EN 1090 standard.
For the durable purpose, Wellmade offer painted and coated masonry equipment and parts.
Send us your masonry equipment, mud stud and stands requirement to get a competitive price now.

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Wellmade’s Mud Tub Mortar Stands Masonry Equipment

Wellmade’s masonry equipment are produced mainly export to the USA scaffolding and construction companies.
You can find all sizes of the masonry mud tub here.  It is also called a mortar box in construction companies.
Wellmade’s Masonry Equipment Include Folding A-Frame Trestles, Masonry Mortar Tub, Veneer Jack Leg, Veneer Jack Frame, Masonry Mortar Stands etc.
Wellmade offers you powder coated, painted, galvanizing masonry scaffolding and equipment for your choices.

Construction Masonry Mud Tub Sizes – Scaffolding Mortar Tub

Construction Masonry mortar tubs are also called scaffolding mud boxes. There are 14 Gauge and 10 Gauge Mortar Tub. The masonry mud tubs are used to mix concrete in masonry works.

14 Guage Mortar Tub10 Cubic Capacity116.86 LBS
10 Guage Mortar Tub10 Cubic Capacity174.11 LBS

construction masonry scaffolding mortar tub

Construction Masonry Scaffolding Mortar Tub
14 Guage Mortar Tub10 Cubic Capacity116.86 LBS
10 Guage Mortar Tub10 Cubic Capacity174.11 LBS

Folding A-Frame Trestle

A-Frame Trestle is a type of Folding A-Frame Ladder Used popularly in the USA for Masonry Job and Veneer Work that can put scaffolding planks on the rungs and provides elevated access to work areas form ground level to 12′. Folding A-frame trensle offers a quick set-up on masonry jobs

Masonry&Veneer Work Folding A-Frame Trestles Sizes&Specification

folding a frame trestle for masonry and veneer work

Item Weight(LBS)Surface Treatment
3′ Folding A Frame Trestle24 Painted|Coated
4′ Folding A Frame Trestle 32.00Painted|Coated
6′ Folding A Frame Trestle 51.22 Painted|Coated

Veneer Jacks

Veneer Jack Leg is always used in Double to Hold Veneer Frames in Powder Coated Finishing.

Masonry Veneer Jack Leg Specification

Veneer Jack38.1Powder Coated

masonry scaffolding equipment veneer jack leg

Veneer Jack Frame

Veneer Jack Frame is Used Together with Venner Jack Legs(2 pcs) as Support of Frames for Masonry Work Where Wall are 8′ or Less.

Masonry Veneer Jack Frame Sizes

Veneer Jack Frame18.9Powder Coated

masonry scaffolding equipment veneer jack framemasonry scaffolding equipment mortar standard

 Masonry Mortar Stands

Masonry Mortar Stands Makes Mortar Muds/Cement Easy to Access in Masonry.

20″and 30″ Masonry Mortar Stands Size

20″ Mortar Stands14.7Powder Coated
30″ Mortar Stands20Powder Coated

Masonry Equipment Mortar Box Standard


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