Manhole Shutters

Wellmade manhole shutters are made from 2mm flexible steel structures. It is a modular steel product with keys and wedge lockings.

The manhole shutter panels are mainly exported to UK and Ireland. They are used to form circle shutters for manholes in the groundworks and trench construction.

You can find both 1.8m and 0.9m height manhole shutters. While both sizes include different widths of manhole shutter panels. You can choose different widths of manhole shutter panels to form different diameters of manholes.

More than standard sizes of manhole shutters, we custom your manhole shutter panels too. Send us your requirement to get good prices now.

  • Height: 1.8m and 0.9m
  • Width: 1.53m, 0.62m, 0.25m
  • Finishing: Painted
  • Radian Diameter: 5600mm
  • Usage: Manhole
  • Brand: Wellmade (WM)



Wellmade Manhole Shutters

Wellmade manhole shutters are made from high-strength steel structures with 2.0mm thickness. It is easy to form a circular formwork in the manhole shuttering.

You can find 900mm and 1800mm standard heights for the manhole shutter panels. While we customized your height according to your concrete shuttering requirement too.

There are 3 standard sizes of the manhole shuttering for your choosing: 250mm, 620mm, and 1530mm.   In the concrete shuttering, you can use different quantities of manhole shutter panels to form different sizes(diameters) of the manholes. According to the construction engineering design, Wellmade’s manhole shutter panels are able to form 675mm to 3000mm diameter manholes.

Manhole shutters are flexible and spring. You can use it to form required circular formwork and round pre-casted manholes. That is why the manhole shutter is also called shuttering box or manhole box.

For anti-corrosion purposes, the manhole shutters are always double-painted. While powder coated is available too.  The paint finishing makes Wellmade manh0le shutters more durable in the concrete.

In manhole manufacturing, we fabricate the manhole shutter panels with lifting lugs. The lugs make manhole shutter panels easy to handle in construction.

Each size of the manhole shutter panels should be stacked separately during stock and transportation.

Wellmade manhole shutter panels strengths:

  1. Easy to Lock and Fixing
  2. Modular Panels No Need Any Extra Accessories
  3. Durable
  4. Flexible
  5. Simple Design Save Your Cost
  6. Applicate in Different Sizes of Circle Manholes
  7. Custom Sizes Available

Manhole Shutter Panel Size & Specification

Panel TypeWidth900mm Height Panel1800 High Panel
WMS-PA153027.5 KG55 KG
WMS-PB62012.5 KG25 KG
WMS-PC2506.00 KG12 KG

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