Lightweight Props

Wellmade’s Lightweight Props are light type steel Acrow Props.  There are heavy duty props, middle duty acrow props too.

Lightweight Props is cost-effective construction props. It is easy to prop up by a single person. Lightweight props are used widely in light weight required concrete formwork and shoring structure.

You can find all sizes of lightweight props in Wellmade. Include common size in 1.8-3.2m, 2-3.6m, 2.2-3.9m, 2.5-4.0m, 3.0-5.0m etc. We design the lightweight props for your construction with base plate, u head, crosshead and fork head etc.

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Wellmade’s Lightweight Props

Compare to heavy duty props, lightweight props are easy to handle in construction.. It does not suit for hi load capacity construction propping. But if your concrete slab and shoring do not need heavy load, lightweight will bring your great benefits.

Wellmade’s lightweight props include cup sleeve type and prop nut and handle types.

Wellmade Lightweight Props
Code No.ItemsTypeLock Pin
WLGP 40Lightweight Prop 40/48mmCup SleeveG Pin
WLGP 56Lightweight Prop 48/56mmCup SleeveG Pin
WLGP 60Lightweight Prop 48/60mmProp Nut TypeG Pin/Straight Pin

Lightweight Props Tripod

Lightweight props always work with formwork tripod in construction concrete formwork and shoring support. In Wellmade, you can find square tube type tripod and round tube steel tripod.

Tripod of the lightweight props can be in heavy duty or light duty type according to your construction requirement.

lightweight prop tripod for formwork shutering and shoring

Forkhead Fixed & Adjustable for Lightweight Props

In shoring work, forkhead is components of the lightweight props. Connect between lightweight props and formwork beams. According to your construction requirement, you can choose fixed type forkhead and adjustable forkhead with a thread screw jack.

Lightweight Props Surface Treatment

In Wellmade you can find Hot dip Galvanized, E-galvanized lightweight props as well as painted and powder-coated steel lightweight props.   Hot dip galvanized steel props are the most durable type surface. While painted and powder coated would recognize your lightweight props size by a different colour.

48/56mm and 40/48mm Shoring Props Lightweight

There are Spanish Type Lightweight Shoring Props and Italian Type Lightweight Shoring Props in Wellmade.  Spanish Shoring Props is with 40mm inner tube and 48mm outer tube. While Italian Type of Shoring Props are In O.D 48mm Inner Tube and O.D 56mm Outer Tube.

48/60mm Steel Acrow Props

Steel Acrow Props with O.D 48mm Inner Tube and O.D 60mm Outer Tube is used popularly as lightweight and heavy duty props

Lightweight with top& bottom base plate and Integrated U Head

You can find from Wellmade lightweight props with top and bottom base plate and integrated U head for your construction. Lightweight props with u head welded as top support saving your time and cost to avoid using extra tools/components of fixed and adjustable u head.

Lightweight props shoring jack type with integrated top u head
Lightweight props with top u head

CE Certification Manufacturer for Your Steel Formwork & Scaffolding Props

Wellmade is a CE certificated formwork and scaffolding props manufacturer in China. Our Lightweight and heavy-duty props are quality controlled from beginning of steel raw material to welding line quality in production and safety load capacity test in function and safety.

You can get our ISO 3834 and EN 1090 Quality control report for each of your order.  More than that, our ISO9001 management ensures your formwork and scaffolding props in good manager not only from quality but also in cost-saving.

Customized your Scaffolding and Formwork Lightweight and Heavy Duty Props.

Wellmade, as an OEM Manufacturer for Scaffolding and Formwork Companies. We are able to offer you customized scaffolding and formwork props. Include:

  1. Free design according to your load capacity at relative height.
  2.  Customized Design with U head, forkhead and cross head.
  3. Produce the formwork scaffolding props with your mark and stickers on products.
  4. Inner tube fixed inside of outer tube without moving & lost

In Conclusion, Wellmade as a leading acrow props, shoring jacks manufacturer, we are able to design and produce for your all types of steel props for your special requirement of construction and concrete formwork.

Speak to us to get the best unit price and competitive price.

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