Layher Scaffolding

Layher Scaffolding Facade Frame

Layher Frame Scaffolding is a Type of Speedy Scaffold System Hot dip galvanized. Layher Frame System is Durable, Fast Erection and Hi Load Strength.
Components Of Layher Frame System, Include Single Ledger(Front Guard Rail), Single Diagonal Brace, Front&End Toe Board, End Rail Frame,Guard Rail Post with Transom, Double End Brace, Alu-plywood Platform with Trapdoor and Ladder, Base Transom and Base Jack etc.

2.0m Layher System Vertical Frames


Code Items Width Weight
WLF200 2m Vertical Frame 0.73m 20.7KG
WLF100 1m Vertical Frame 0.73m 12.5KG

 Layher Frame Scaffold Steel Planks 320mm


Code Size(mm) Weight
WLP730 320x730mm 6.2KG
WLP107 320x1070mm 8.8KG
WLP157 320x1570mm 12.6KG
WLP207 320x2070mm 16.4KG
WLP257 320x2570mm 20.2KG
WLP307 320x3070mm 24.2KG

Layher Frame Scaffolding Front Guard Rails


Code Items Weight
WLR107 1.07m Guard Rails 2.30KG
WLR157 1.57m Guard Rail 3.05KG
WLR207 2.07m Guard Rail 3.86KG
WLR257 2.57m Guard Rail 4.68KG
WLR307 3.07m Guard Rail  5.49KG

 Layher Frame Scaffold Diagonal Braces


Code No. Bay Size(Desp) Weight
WLD207 2.07mx2m Brace 7.17KG
WLD257 2.57mx2m Brace 8.05KG
WLD307 3.07mx2m Brace 8.84KG

Layher Frame Double Front Guard Rails


Code Size Weight
WLDR207 2.07m 8.5KG
WLDR257 2.57m 10.8KG
WLDR307 3.07m 11.9KG

Front Toe Board

Code Items Weight
WLB207 2.07m Front Toe Board 4.6KG
WLB257 2.57m Front Toe Board


WLB307 3.07m Front Toe Board 7.3Kg

Layher Scaffolding End Toe Board 


Code Items Weight
WLB730 End Toe Board 2.40KG



Aluminium Plywood Platform With Trapdoor and Alu Single Ladder 

layher-scaffolding-ringlock-allround-frame-scaffold-access-tower-aluminium-platform with ladder trapdoor

Code Items Weight
WLAT207 Alu-ply Platform w/ Ladder 207cm 21.5KG
WLAT257 Alu-ply Platform w/ Ladder 257cm 23KG
WLAT307 Alu-ply Platform w/ Ladder 307cm 28KG

Layher Scaffolding Access Double End Brace 


Code Items Weight
WPDB739 Double End Brace 4.8KG

 Layher Scaffolding Base Transom


Code Item Weight
WLBT Base Transom 730mm 2.78KG

 Layher Scaffolding Guard Rail Post With Transom

layher frame scaffolding guard rail post with transom 0.73x1m

Code Item Weight
WLGT1 Guard Rail Post w/ Transom 0.73mx1m 6.25KG

Layher Scaffold Adjustable Leveling Jack Base(Round Threaded)

layher scaffolding leveling screw jacks scaffolding base jack spindles

Code Items Weight
WLJ40 Adjustable Level Jack 400mm(Round Thread) 3.83KG
WLJ50 Adjustable Level Jack 500mm(Round Thread) 4.25KG
WLJ60 Adjustable Level Jack 600mm(Round Thread) 4.65KG
WLJ80 Adjustable Level Jack 800mm(Round Thread) 5.5KG


Layher Scaffolding Frame Components Assembly
layher scaffolding frame components assembly 1. Vertical Frame 2m
2. Steel Plank 320mm
3.Guard Rails
4. Diagonal Braces
5. Guard Rail with Transom
6.Double Front Guard Rails
7. End Rail Frames
8. Front Toe Board
9. End Toe Board
10. Alu-plywood Platform w/ Trapdoor&Ladder

11. Double End Frame

12. Base Transom

13. Adjustable Base Jack




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