Layher Scaffold Timber Type Toe Boards

Wellmade timber scaffold toe board is a part of Layher scaffolding system. It is made from solid timber wood with a metal type interlock at both ends.
Wellmade manufactures the timber scaffold toe board for both Layher speedy frame system scaffolding and allround ringlock scaffolding system. Using the scaffold toe boards helps protect construction safety.
The sizes of the scaffold timber toe board are customized in length according to the ledger/horizontal parts sizes in construction.
You can find both longitudinal side toe board and end side toe board here for your Layher frame and allround system scaffold.
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Wellmade’s Timber Type Scaffold Toe Board

Wellmade is the timber and metal scaffold toe board manufacturer. Timber scaffold toe board is produced for the layher speedyscaffold frame system.

You can find the timber scaffold toe board are painting in red. Other colours are available too.
As an OEM scaffolding manufacturer in China, we are able to print your company mark on the timber scaffolding. More than the timber scaffold toe boards, there are also metal scaffold toe board. for your choice. The metal scaffold toe board would be GI or hot dip galvanized according to your construction requirement.

Layher Frame Scaffold Longitudinal Side Toe Boards Size Layher Scaffold Toe Boards Speedy Scaffold Frame System wellmade scaffold,China

10.73m Toe Boards0.73×0.15Painted+Gal
21.09m Toe Boards1.09×0.15Painted+Gal
31.57m Toe Boards1.57×0.15Painted+Gal
42.07m Toe Boards2.07×0.15Painted+Gal
52.57m Toe Boards2.57×0.15Painted+Gal
63.07m Toe Boards3.07×0.15Painted+Gal
74.14m Toe Boards4.14×0.15Painted+Gal

layher speedy scaffold flrame system end side toe boards-wellmade scaffold,China

Scaffolding End Toe Boards Layher Frame Size

10.73m Toe Boards0.73×0.15Painted+Gal
21.09m Toe Boards1.09×0.15Painted+Gal


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