Layher Frame Scaffolding Guardrail

Wellmade’s scaffolding guard rail is parts of layher speedy frame scaffold system components.  You can find both single scaffold guard rails and double guard rails here.

Wellmade’s scaffold guard rail is used as side protection for your scaffolding construction safety. It surrounds your speedy frame scaffolding work platform in construction.

In fabrication, we manufacture the scaffolding guard rail, as well as other frame system components,  according to ISO 9001 management. Wellmade is also an EN 1090 and ISO 3834 CE certification scaffold factory.  You are able to get high-quality scaffold guard rail here with a product warranty.

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Welmade’s Scaffolding Guard Rail

Wellmade’s scaffolding guard rail is a type of single guardrail for Layher type speedscaff frame . It is made by O.D 32mm Scaffold Tube. At end of the scaffolding guard rail, you can find an Integrated Lock. The integrated scaffolding lock is used to connect with layher frame scaffolding speed lock pins in construction.

Wellmade manufactures the single guard rails from whole scaffold tube without cutting and welding. The integrated scaffolding guard rail design make the scaffolding material more stable and strong.

Hot dip galvanizing is the most used surface treatment for the frame scaffolding guardrails. It make the scaffold guard rail more durable in long term life.

You can find all sizes of the layher frame scaffolding guard rails. While the most popular sizes for the guardrails include 0.73m, 1.09m, 1.57m, 2.07m, 2.57m, 2.07m etc. Customized sizes are available as request.

As the largest OEM scaffolding manufacturer, Wellmade’s scaffolding guard rails are manufactured according to layher orignial samples and drawings.  Thus, our scaffolding guard rails are compatible with layher original speedyscaff frame system components and parts.

As a 20 years exporter, Wellmade also offers professional scaffolding consulting and door to door delivery. You are able to find the scaffold guardrail warranty from Wellmade.

Layher Frame Scaffolding Single Guardrail Size

NoItemsSize & SpecFinishingWeight
10.73m GuardrailO.D 32mm x 73 cmHot Dip Galvanized1.68
21.09m GuardrailO.D 32mm x 109 cmHot Dip Galvanized2.4
31.57m GuardrailO.D 32mm x 157 cmHot Dip Galvanized3.96
42.07m GuardrailO.D 32mmx 207  cmHot Dip Galvanized5.28
52.57m GuardrailO.D 32mmx 257 cmHot Dip Galvanized6.72
63.07m GuardrailO.D 32mm x 307 cmHot Dip Galvanized7.45


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