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Wellmade is Your Professional Lattice Girder Manufacturer

Wellmade is a professional lattice girder manufacturer in China.  We supply steel type and aluminium type lattice beam.

We manufacture all types of lattice girders. There are tube and clamp system lattice beams, ringlock scaffolding girders and cuplock scaffolding system girder beams.

Wellmade’s lattice girders are CE certified. We control our lattice girder quality according to ISO 9001. You can find the scaffold girder test report from metal raw material till safety load.

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Lattice Girder Types

450 alloy beams lattice girder

450 alloy beams are a type of aluminium lattice girder. It is applied in suspended scaffolding, mobile platform birdcages, temporary roof and bridge construction etc.

steel lattice beam 450mm - ringlock allround system parts

Lattice beam 450mm depth made of OD48.3mm steel scaffold tube. Connected by beam connector and bolts nut, span pins, cotter pins, etc.

750 X Beam Lattice Girder

750mm X beams are more UDL in construction. As a type of big aluminium lattice beam it is used not only in the tube and clamp scaffolding but also used in system scaffold construction.

ringlock scaffolding lattice girder in different lengths and sizes

Ringlock girders with four sets of wedge heads and wedge pins.  Connect with the rosettes of ringlock standards.

Cuplock System Lattice Girder

Cuplock lattice girder is parts of cup lock system. It allows big span distance in consruction. Cuplock latticer girders are with ledger blades connect to cuplock vertical top cups and bottom cups.

Scaffold Unit Beams

Unit beam is a special designed lattice girder with spigot and support end plates. There are steel type and aluminium type unit beams.

Scaffold Ladder Beams

Ladder beam 1m to 10m. Made of OD48.3mm scaffold tubes. Painted and galvanized. Compatible with all system scaffold and tube clamp system.

450 Alloy Beams

Wellmade manufactures 2 types of 450mm alloy beams. One is made by 6082 aluminium structure. There are also 6062 aluminium alloy lattice girders. Alloy beam lattice girder lengths are customized.

450 Alloy Beam Dimensions&Spefications
Code No. ItemsWeight(KG)Structure
W45ALB0404.0m Alloy Beams17.6O.D 48.3×4.25mm
W45ALB0505.0m Alloy Beams22O.D 48.3×4.25mm
W45ALB0606.0m Alloy Beams26.4O.D 48.3×4.25mm
W45ALB0808.0m Alloy Beams35.2O.D 48.3×4.25mm
W45ALB0414.1m Alloy Beams18.04O.D 48.3×4.25mm
W45ALB0515.1m Alloy Beams22.44O.D 48.3×4.25mm
W45ALB0616.1m Alloy Beams26.84O.D 48.3×4.25mm
W45ALB0818.1m Alloy Beams35.64O.D 48.3×4.25mm
W45ALB0616.2m Alloy Beams27.28O.D 48.3×4.25mm
450 Alloy Beam Technical Datas

Wellmade manufactures the 450mm alloy beam lattice girder according to BS EN 1999-1-11.  The lattice girder loading bearing should be submitted to the structure design and calculation.

Max Bending20.2KNm
Max Shear11.61KN

Steel VS Aluminium Ladder Girder

Steel Lattice Girder

Steel Lattice Girders are heavier than Aluminium Girders in weight. But it is cheaper in cost. Wellmade’s steel lattice girders are using in tube and clip scaffold, ring scaffolding and cup lock system. You can find galvanized and painting steel lattice girders for your construction

Aluminium Lattice Girder

Aluminium lattice girders are lightweight. But in cost, it is much expensive than steel scaffold truss beams. In addition, aluminium lattice girder is good in anti-corrosion. Thus it is required in offshore scaffolding and hanging scaffold construction a lot.

Lattice Girder Connector Parts

Wellmade’s scaffold lattice girders are used for open span area for the reinforcing.  It is prefabricated scaffolding parts. Compare to traditional solid girders and beams. The lattice girders are more robust and integrated.

There are upper chords and lower chords. Between the lattice girders, the scaffold lattice girder spigot and spring clip pins are used as connectors.

Lattice Girder Connector Parts Dimension
CodeItemsSizeWeight (KG)
W45ALBSP45cm Lattice Spigot with 6 holesO.D 38mm2.01
W45ALBSCGalvanized Spring ClipsO.D 60mm0.10

Wellmade’s lattice girder is using in the following scaffolding industries’ construction.

  • Tunnel Construction
  • Commercial Scaffolding
  • Support Scaffolding
  • Infractural Scaffolding
  • Bridge Scaffold
  • Shoring Scaffolding
  • Sidewalk Scaffolding
  • Hanging Scaffold

Wellmade Philosophy: Win-Win Benefits

If you are looking for the lattice girders for your construction and scaffolding. Wellmade is your best choice.

Firstly, we are a professional lattice girder manufacturer. We have great control of quality and delivery than trading companies.  You can have all track and records of your lattice girder orders.

Secondly, as an OEM scaffolding manufacturer, you can enjoy the lower cost and cheap price for your scaffold lattice girder products.  Because we have regular mass production of the lattice beam thus save unit cost is less than small factories.

Thirdly, you can find from us all types of lattice girders. No matter you are using system scaffolding or traditional tubular scaffolding. Wellmade can give you right lattice girder products.

Fourthly, Wellmade has mock-up inspection. We ensure your lattice girder is compatible with your system and components.

Cuplock Scaffolding System
Cuplock ScaffoldingLattice Girder Mock Up In Wellmade

More than that, you can have professional service of door to door delivery.  With more than 20 years manufacturing and exporting experience, Wellmade is able to send the lattice girder material until your stockyard or construction site.

In working with Wellmade, you can feel the Win-Win Benefits. Therefore, Wellmade always keeps long term cooperation with global clients. Our customers do not only include the construction companies, contractors, engineering companies, but also scaffolding companies and formwork companies. We are the scaffolding manufacturing company who understand you better.

Wellmade’s Lattice Girder Quality Control

In Wellmade, you can find quality control records and report at every step. We offer you metal mill certificate, welding line test, physical loading bearing and galvanizing and painting surface test report. You can find the test video in an above tap in Wellmade’s Lab.

The lattice girder test report document as the following. Some oil gas companies sourcing the lattice girders from Wellmade with 3rd party TPI inspection. Wellmade has no problem to cooperate with them. With our full quality controlling system, we have the confidence to pass the inspection and test before shipping.

We Believe Buyers Win, We Win.

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