Timber Laminated Scaffold Planks

Wellmade laminated scaffold planks are certified by OSHA and AS1577 standards.  It is manufactured from high-quality New Zealand pine lumbers.

The LVL scaffold planks are laminated by durable glues with OSHA test marks. For protection and mark purposes, you can find the painting at both ends of the laminated scaffold planks.

Wellmade does a 24 hours water boiling test for the laminated scaffold planks. Only qualified laminated scaffold boards are allowed to sell. This ensures your timber plank durability during construction.

For construction safety, you can find fire-retardant laminated scaffold boards too.

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Wellmade Laminated Scaffold Planks

Wellmade is the laminated scaffold plank manufacturer in China. We produce all sizes of laminated scaffold planks. You can find 225x38mm, while 300mm timber laminated scaffold planks are available too. More than that, Wellmade custom the timber scaffold boards according to your construction designs.

bs 2482 standard scaffold timber boards 225 x 38mm
BS2482 Wood Boards

The laminated scaffold planks are also called LVL timber boards. It is a type of laminated veneer lumber board. There is another type of timber board called solid scaffold boards.

Compare to the solid scaffold boards, the laminated scaffold planks are able to take more weight. It is not easy to be cracked and shaped in construction.

Solid scaffold boards are always with end bands for protection. While laminated scaffold planks only need end painting. This simple treatment saves a lot of fabrication and labour costs.

In construction safety, solid timber boards standards are manufactured according to BS2482. While we produce laminated scaffold planks according to OSHA and AS1576 standards.

Wellmade Laminated Scaffold Plank Technical Data

Veneer Thickness2.2-2.5mm
38mm laminated planks16 layers
50mm laminated planks21 layers
GlueWBP, Melamine, Phenolic
Weight550 KG/m3
EmbossOSHA/AS1576 Proof Tested

Laminated Scaffold Plank VS Metal Boards

Wellmade manufacturers both laminated wood scaffold boards and metal scaffolding planks. Both metal and wood scaffold planks provide a consistent working platform between horizontal members.

metal deck scaffolding steel planks
metal deck scaffolding steel planks

The laminated wood boards are convenient in construction:

  1. Easy Handle
  2. Light Weight
  3. Can be cut into different lengths, widths and height
  4. Easily fixed by nails
  5. Compatible with all types of modular and traditional scaffolding

While metal scaffold boards are always designed according to the scaffold systems. With hooks or without hooks to match us with the modular scaffold horizontal parts.  While steel scaffold boards are heavyweight.

Compared to steel scaffold boards, aluminium planks are lightweight same as timber boards. But aluminium planks cost is more expensive than laminated scaffold planks.

Fire Retardant Laminated Scaffold Planks

For construction safety, fire retardant is a great surface treatment for laminated scaffold planks.  Wellmade fire retardant laminated scaffold planks are tested by SGS according to the European standard.

Fire Retardant Laminated Scaffold Plank
Fire Retardant Laminated Scaffold Plank

Laminated Scaffold Plank Quality Controlling

The Glues are the most important for the laminated scaffold plank quality. Thus Wellmade does 24 hours water boiling test for all laminated scaffold planks to ensure the durability and qualification of the laminated scaffold boards reaching you.

Laminated Scaffolding Planks In Scaffolding System

Wellmade laminated scaffold planks are able to use in all types of scaffold systems.

Laminated Scaffold Plank FAQ Guide

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