Ladder Frame Scaffolding

Wellmade manufactures ladder frame scaffolding shipped to Asia, Latin America, USA, and Canada Countries.

You can find 1219mm and 914mm ladder frames for Asia countries.While for the USA and Canada, there are mason frames, narrow frames, include 2’,3’& 5’ width. To Latin Americans, you can find 2m and 1m height ladder frame scaffolding here.

Traditional ladder frame scaffolding is made from O.D1.625” or O.D 1.68” vertical tubes.You can find heavy-duty ladder frame verticals in O.D 1.9” (48.3mm) and 2.37”(60.3mm). Wellmade customs your ladder frame scaffolding too.

As an ISO and CE-certified ladder scaffold manufacturer, we offer high-quality ladder frames. More than that, Wellmade is able to bring you more benefits in prices, services.

Send us your ladder frame requirement with a size and quantity list to get a competitive price from the China manufacturer now.

Wellmade Ladder Frame Scaffolding

Ladder frame scaffolding is also called mason frame scaffold, h frame scaffolding or step frame scaffold. One set of ladder frame scaffolding includes 2 vertical main frames, 2 sets of x brace(cross braces) and 4 pcs of joint pins, 4 pcs of adjustable jack base.  If the ladder frame scaffold set is used for access and work platform, scaffold stairs and scaffold planks are needed.

stucco scaffolding cross brace
stucco scaffolding cross brace

Ladder frame scaffolding includes other parts and components include side bracket, outrigger, guard rail, guard rail post, horizontal frame, etc.

According to the shape, you can find double ladder frame scaffolding, single ladder frame scaffolding, end frames(adjusting frame), narrow frame scaffolding, etc.

Wellmade ladder frame scaffolding is fabricated with lock pins. According to the lock pin type, you can find flip-lock pin ladder frames, fast lock pin, drop lock pin, Canada lock pin, C-lock pin, V lock, and snap-on Lock Pin, etc. Among the lock pins, flip lock pin ladder frame scaffolding is widely used in most countries. While other lock pins are manufactured for Canada and the USA countries.

Ladder frame scaffolding lock pins are used to connect the cross braces in construction and building. It makes the ladder frame scaffolding easily in assembly, thus you can expect a fast frame erection using the ladder frame scaffolding.

Wellmade custom your ladder frame. We custom your ladder frame scaffolding sizes, specifications, and surface treatment.

Ladder Frame Scaffolding 1219mm to Asia countries
Ladder Frame Scaffolding 1219mm to Asia countries

Wellmade ladder frame to Asia countries include sizes of 1219mm and 914mm, 900mm width. While the ladder frame scaffolding height includes 490mm, 914mm, 1219mm, 900mm, 1524mm, 1700mm.

Ladder frame scaffolding export to the USA and Canada countries, always with the ladder frames width in 2’, 3’, 4’, 42” and 5’. There is also 29” width ladder frame to the USA. The height of the USA and Canada type ladder frames include 5’, 6’4”, 6’7”, 3’, 4’,3’1”, 5’1”, 4’1” etc

In ladder frame scaffolding manufacturing, Wellmade produces 1.0m and 2m ladder frames to Chile and 1.83m ladder frames to Argentina.

As a famous OEM ladder frame scaffolding, we not only manufacturing ladder frames with O.D 42mm vertical tube. You can also find heavy-duty ladder frames in O.D 48.3mm and O.D60.3mm. These heavy-duty ladder frames are designed for a high load requirement construction concrete support and building.

According to ladder frame scaffolding finishing, you can find painted, powder-coated, E-galvanized, Pre-galvanized(GI) and Hot dip galvanized scaffolding main frames. However, Hot dip galvanized ladder frame is also called HDG scaffolding frames. It is with zinc thickness of more than 60 micros. Thus HDG is the most durable ladder frame scaffold material for construction. It is also required by the scaffolding hire and rental companies.

Ladder Frame Scaffolding to Chile Latin America
Ladder Frame Scaffolding to Chile Latin America

Painting ladder frame scaffolding is a cheap scaffolding surface treatment. It is colorful. We are able to paint the ladder frames according to your color code. Include red, yellow, blue, white, purple, green, white, etc.

Powder-coated ladder frame scaffolding is required by the USA and Canada scaffolding companies, it is durable than painting ladder frame.

Pre-galvanized ladder frame scaffolding is made from the GI scaffolding pipes. After the welding, Wellmade will do a complete painting on the welding lines again for protection.

According to the steel structure material grade, you can find ladder frame scaffolding made from S355 or S235 steel tubes. While S355 steel ladder frame scaffolding is able to bear more load during shoring and construction framework.

In engineering, ladder frame scaffolding cross braces are one of the most important parts of the frame system. It connects with the lock pins and two ladder frames. Ladder frame stud distance decides the x brace one bay. While the distance between ladder main frames decided another bay size of the cross braces. For the stud distance, there are 2’, 3’, 4’, and 5’. For the frame distance, there are 4’,5’ 6’,7’, 8’, 10’. Convert into Asia sizes, the cross braces sizes include 1219x1219x1729mm, 1219x1524x1950mm, 1219x1829x2198mm, etc.

In fabrication, you can find both tubular type and angular type cross braces for ladder frame scaffolding. Most cross braces of the ladder frame scaffolding are with holes. While you can find snap on lock cross braces with 4 pcs of snap locks for the x braces.

Ladder frame scaffolding cross brace could be finished in Electro-galvanizing, pre-galvanizing, hot-dip galvanizing and painted etc.

Ladder frame scaffolding planks include steel planks, aluminum planks and wooden plank.   Steel planks are heavier duty while the aluminum planks are in light weight.  While aluminum planks width is always in 19″ width for the scaffolding ladder frame system.

Aluminium Scaffold Planks with Plywood Platform
Aluminium Scaffold Planks with Plywood Platform

The ladder frame scaffolding planks form a work platform and walk board in the construction building. It is worked together with the scaffold stairs when an access walk way are required.  Wellmade design the scaffold stairs according to your scaffold design.

Ladder frame scaffolding joint pins are vertical connectors between 2 main frames. The joint pins are fixed by scaffolding roll pins, gravity pins, spring pins, span pins etc. Ladder frame joint pins are always pre-galvanized or E-galvanized.

Ladder Frame Scaffolding Sizes

Snap On Lock Ladder Frame Scaffold

Snap On Box Frame (1.625″ O.D)
Item CodeWidthWidth(mm)HeighHeight (mm)
Snap on Ladder Frame
Item CodeWidthWidth(mm)HeighHeight (mm)
Snap On Narrow Frame

Flip Lock Ladder Frame Scaffold

Flip Lock Ladder Frame Scaffold
Item CodeWidthWidth(mm)HeighHeight (mm)
Flip Lock Narrow Frame

Drop Lock Ladder Frame Scaffold

Drop Lock Pin Ladder Frame Scaffold
Item CodeWidthWidth(mm)HeighHeight (mm)
Drop Lock Narrow Frame Scaffold
WFLF00827 5/8″7023’1″940
WFLF00927 5/8″7025’1″1245
WFLF01027 5/8″7026’7″1549

Vanguard Lock Ladder Frame Scaffold

Vanguard Lock Ladder Frame
Item CodeWidthWidth(mm)HeighHeight (mm)
Vanguard Lock Narrow Frame

Ladder Frame for Hi Load Shoring

Hi Load Shoring Ladder Frames
Item CodeWidthWidth(mm)HeighHeight (mm)

Ladder Frame Scaffolding VS Walk Through Scaffolding Frame

Ladder  frame scaffolding is able to work together with same width walk through scaffolding frame set. Especially, end frame of the ladder scaffolding frame are always used at top of the walk through scaffolding system.

Same as the ladder frame scaffolding, walk through scaffolding are with same width in 3′,4′,5′, 42″ etc.

In the frame scaffolding sets, cross braces are joint pins, guard rails, steel& aluminium scaffold platform are same accessories for both the ladder frame and walk through scaffolding.

walk through scaffold frame set
walk through scaffold frame set

Wellmade ladder frame scaffolding are wide used in temporary scaffold support and framework for civil construction, industrial construction and commercial construction. During the concrete formwork, the ladder frame scaffolding is also offer a convenient shoring and propping. Buying ladder frame scaffolding  from Wellmade now to get  real benefits in quality, price and professional services.

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