Kwikstage Wall Tie Bracket

Australian standard kwikstage scaffold system includes a lot of modular components and parts.  The wall tie bracket is one of the components of the AS/NZS 1576 standard quick-stage system. What is a wall tie bracket and how to use the products in Kwikstage?

A wall tie bracket is a kwikstage part that is used to tie the scaffold to the structure. It is composited by accessories of half-swivel couplers and a 10mm thick L plate with holes. In construction, the half couplers are connected to scaffold poles and tubes, and the L plate is connected to the structure and is fixed by bolts. Thus scaffolds are secured to the structure.

The couplers on the wall tie brackets are in standard scaffold sizes of 48.3mm. Thus it is compatible with all brands of kwikstage systems.

Kwikstage Wall Tie Bracket Types

Kwikstage wall tie brackets include two types:

  1. single-half-coupler brackets

  2. double-half-coupler brackets 

single-coupler bracket includes one half-swivel coupler on the L plates.

The double-coupler bracket includes two half-swivel couples on the L plates.

According to the surface treatment, there are painted and galvanized wall tie brackets for the kwikstage system.

Kwikstage Wall Tie Bracket Sizes & Specifications

Kwikstage wall tie bracket sizes include 230mm length for single-coupler brackets and 320mm for double-half-coupler type.

The couplers on the wall tie brackets are with 23mm flange nuts that conform to AS/NZS 1576 standard. Called the Australian type of half-swivel-coupler. While British-type couplers and Germany-type couplers on the brackets are available as requested.

Kwikstage Wall Tie Brackets
WKWTB01Single Wall Tie Bracket230mm100mm3.29 KG
WKWTB02Double Wall Tie Bracket320mm100mm3.99 KG


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