Kwikstage Transom Batten Support

Kwikstage Scaffolding Transoms
Kwikstage scaffolding transom is a steel batten support components for modular quick stage scaffolding system. Which is used popular in Australian and British Types of Kwikstage Scaffolding System.
The transom is made from 50x5mm steel angle structural in high steel grade with wedge pin locking to kwikstage scaffolding standards. It provides steel planks without hooks (also called scaffold battens) a wide support platform.
According to Australian and British Standards, kwikstage transoms standard sizes can be in 0.76m, 1 .27m, 1.83m, 2.44m. The sizes of the kwikstage scaffolding transom can support one board, tow boards, three boards, four boards, five boards wide access platforms.
Kwikstage scaffolding transom can be in painted or hot dip galvanized, and HDG with identified color.
Emboss Mark is required according to Australian and British Standard.
kwikstage scaffolding steel batten support transom- astralian scaffolding standard components parts
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