Kwikstage Scaffold Toe Board Brackets

The toe board bracket is a modular component of kwikstage system scaffold used to form the toe board system. Toe board systems are the side protection systems for kwikstage scaffold decks and work platforms. It is like a wine cup. So people called it winecup bracket too.

In construction, you can fix the scaffold battens to the kwisktage scaffold standards using the toe board brackets. One end of the kwikstage toe board bracket connects to the OD 48.3mm kwisktage standards. Another end can insert two scaffold batten boards inside of the toe board bracket.

Kwikstage toe board brackets are manufactured from high-strength steel plates. The steel grade of the toe board brackets is S235.

Wellmade is a kwikstage scaffolding manufacturer, supplies both painted and galvanized kwikstage toe board brackets. Send us an inquiry to get a competitive price now.

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