Kwikstage Scaffold Stepdown Bracket

There are a lot of components for the kwikstage scaffolding system. Stepdown bracket is one of them. What is the function of the stepdown brackets in the system? What are the sizes and how to erect them? You can get the answers in this article.
The step down brackets make your first step onto an access stair or ladder easier under the difficulties of site constraints, ground level, base outs, etc.
There are two types of stepdown brackets. Single-step and double-step brackets. Single stepdown bracket allows one-step setup and double stepdown brackets allows two-step setup between stairs and grounds/bases.
Both sizes of step down brackets need to be used in pairs. Then scaffold battens can be put between them to form one or two scaffold steps. and then you just need to put scaffold battens on them simply that forms the scaffold steps.
There is one set of thumb and wedge keys on the step down brackets. They are welded modular parts used to connect to the V clips on the kwikstage verticals in construction, shoring, or maintenance.

Kwikstage Stepdown Bracket Sizes and Specifications

Kwikstage step down brackets are designed to match with 230mm scaffold boards/battens in width. You can have galvanized or painted finished single and double step down brackets for corrosion resistance.

Hot dip galvanized can protect kwikstage step down brackets for about 50 years without rusty. Painted can be used 12-15 years when maintenance and stock are properly done.

Kwikstage Stepdown Bracket Sizes 
WKDB1One Step Down Bracket0.3m4.3 KG
WKDB2Double Step Down Bracket0.3m6.5 KG
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