Scaffold Toe Board for South Africa Kwikstage

This is scaffold toe board for South Africa type of kwikstage system, name quick stage scaffolding too. The scaffold toe board is side protection for the quick stage modular scaffold system.
As a prefabricated modular kwikstage scaffolding parts, the scaffold toe boards with connection, easies fixed to the kwikstage scaffolding towers and frames.
Wellmade manufactures the scaffold toe boards according to ISO 9001 management, ISO 3834 and EN 1090 CE requirement.   We ensure you a top-quality scaffold toe boards testing & controlling from raw material chemical&physical to welding and surface treatment.
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Wellmade’s Scaffold Toe Board for S.A Quick Stage

Wellmade’s Kwikstage Scaffolding Steel Toe Board is in 210mm width. It is South African type kwikstage scaffolding components for safe access modular system.
The scaffold toe boards are fixed by toe board clips in using.  The scaffold toe board clip is special designed to work with the kwikstage verticals in O.D 48.3mm.
Using Wellmade’s steel scaffold toe board forms a quick erect safety construction temporary scaffolding for access. It is also used in construction formwork steel support system in propping and shuttering concrete work.
You can find painted and galvanized scaffold toe boards for your South Africa type quick stage scaffolding. While the lengths of the scaffold toe boards are always matched with the kwikstage ledgers.  Wellmade customize your scaffold toe boards sizes according to your construction design and plan.
In production, the scaffold toe boards are made by high strength steel profile. Which ensure your construction stable and safety under all environment and condition.

South African Type Kwikstage Scaffold Steel Toe Boards Sizes

WSKTB06Steel Toe Board 600mm210×6004.1
WSKTB09Steel Toe Board 900mm210×9004.67
WSKTB12Steel Toe Board 1294mm210×12946.78
WSKTB15Steel Toe Board 1500mm210×15007.77
WSKTB20Steel Toe Board 2000mm210×200010.39
WSKTB25Steel Toe Board 2500mm210×250013.01


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