Kwikstage Scaffolding Stair Stringer

This is kwikstage stair stringer for the South Africa System kwikstage scaffolding.  Wellmade’s stair stringer is the main beams of kwikstage scaffold staircase sets.  It forms a scaffold stair sets together with unit stair tread steps.
In fabrication, the South Africa type kwikstage stair stringer is made from 150 x 50mm steel C profile structure. This heavy-duty type of steel structure gives strong and safety support for your scaffold stairway access.  
Wellmade manufactures the kwikstage scaffolding stringer according to EN 1090 and ISO 3834 CE requirement. We are also ISO 9001 management scaffold factory.
The scaffolding stair is compatible with all brand of kwikstage scaffolding. You an use the staircase in other system include ringlock, cuplcok scaffold etc.
Send us your kwikstage scaffolding and the scaffold stair requirement to get the latest competitive price now.

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Wellmade’s Kwikstage Scaffolding Stair and Stringer Parts

Wellmade’s kwiktsage staircase sets, with elements of stair treads and stair steps, are components of kwikstage access system scaffold tower.

The kwikstage scaffold stair stringer is with hooks at both ends.  The hooks of the stair stringer are connected on kwikstage scaffolding ledgers or other horizontal parts in an assembly. 

the stair scaffold steps are a type of short scaffold boards.  It seats on the kwikstage scaffolding stringer during erection. You can move them from stringer during dismantling. The removable scaffold step boards make storage and transportation much easier and save.

Wellmade’s stair stringer offers a great stable and strong support for the South Africa type kwikstage scaffolding work platform. It forms access scaffolding area together with South Africa scaffolding hook on steel boards in quick stage scaffold frames and towers.

Kwikstage Scaffolding Stair Stringer Sizes

WKSS2520Kwikstage Stringer 2.5 x 2.0m150mm x 3.2m85KG
WKSS2020Kwikstage Stringer 2.0 x 2.0m150mm x 2.83m78KG
WKSS1520Kwikstage Stringer 1.5 x 2.0m150mm x 2.5m69KG


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