Kwikstage Stair Steps

Kwikstage scaffold steps are components of africa type kwikstage access staircase set. It is a type of short steel scaffold board with plain ends and anti-slip surface. Also named scaffold treads.

In scaffold erection, they are fixed on the kwikstage scaffold stringers. One set of kwikstage access staircases is formed by two pieces of kwikstage stair stringer and several pieces of scaffold steps(normally 330mm distances)

The scaffold steps can be pained or galvanized for anti-corrosion purposes. For different walkway widths, you can adjust your scaffold step width from 400 to 900mm to form narrow or wide kwikstage scaffold staircases.

In addition, the kwikstage scaffold steps are removable, thus, it saves space for storage and transportation.

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  • Material: Steel
  • Thickness: 2.0mm
  • Size: 230x63mm
  • Finishing: Painted & Galvanized
  • System: Africa Type Kwikstage
  1. Trade  Term: FOB & CIF
  2. Payment: T/T and LC
  3. Package: Timber Racks
  4. Brand: Wellmade
  5. Country of Origin: China

Technical Data

Kwikstage Steps Technical Data
WSS060Scaffold Step Board for 600mm Stairs230 x 6004.18 KG2.0mm
WSS090Scaffold  Step Board for 900mm Stairs230 x 9006.02 KG2.0mm

Wellmade Stair Steps for Africa Kwikstage Scaffold System

According to the scaffold stair access width, you can find 600mm and 900mm width scaffolding stair steps for your kwikstage scaffolding in Wellmade.   We are also able to design the scaffolding stair steps to your size according to your construction access tower design.  In fabrication, the stair scaffold step is in standardized sizes 230x50mm.

Wellmade’s scaffold stair stringer is another part of the kwikstage scaffolding stairs. The stair stringer includes 4 hooks. With the hook, the kwikstage stair is a very simple erection in construction.  You only need to put the stairs on the kwikstage scaffolding horizontals and fixed by these hooks.

The kwikstage scaffolding stairs ‘ hooks sizes are matched up with the standardizing scaffold horizontals in 48.3mm diameter. Thus it is compatible with all brands of quick stage modular scaffold systems.

Wellmade’s stair scaffold steps are always seating on the scaffolding stringer. The stringer hooks are fixed perfectly with all types of quick-stage modular scaffold systems:

Other Parts of Kwikstage Scaffolding:

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