Kwikstage Stair Steps

Wellmade’s scaffolding steps is used as stair treads. It forms scaffolding stairs together with stair stringer. This type of scaffolding steps are components of South Africa modular kwikstage system scaffolding stairs. While the scaffolding stair is used as access scaffold parts in the construction.
Because the scaffolding steps are movable from the stair stringer. Thus it really saves space and cost in the container during shipping.
Wellmade produces the scaffolding steps according to ISO9001 management. We offer you the top quality stair stairs with test report and certificate.
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Wellmade’s Scaffolding Steps for South Africa Kwikstage Stair

According to the scaffold stair access width, you can find 600mm and 900mm width scaffolding steps for your kwikstage scaffolding in Wellmade.   We are also able to design the scaffolding steps into your size according to your construction access tower design.  In fabrication, the stair scaffold step is in standardized sizes 230x50mm.

Wellmade’s scaffold stair stringer is another part of the kwikstage scaffolding stairs. The stair stringer includes 4 hooks. With the hook, the kwikstage stair is very simple erection in construction.  You only need to put the stairs on the kwikstage scaffolding horizontals and fixed by these hooks.

The kwikstage scaffolding stairs ‘ hooks sizes are matched up with the standardizing scaffold horizontals in 48.3mm diameter. Thus it is compatible with all brands of quick stage modular scaffold system.

Wellmade’s stair scaffold steps are always seating on scaffolding stringer. The stringer hooks are fixed perfectly with all types of quick stage modular scaffold system:
  • South Africa type kwikstage
  • Australia type quick stage
  • UK Type kwikstage scaffolding.

Kwik Stage Scaffold Modular Stair Step Treads Size

CodeItemsSizeW.T (KG)
WSS060Scaffold  Step Board for 600mm Stairs230 x 6004.18
WSS090Scaffold  Step Board for 900mm Stairs230 x 9006.02


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