Kwikstage Stair Handrail

Kwikstage Scaffolding Stair Steel Handrails are  Components of South Africa Type of Kwik Stage Modular System. It is used as side protection of Scaffolding  Stair Sets at both size of Stair Platform in Construction Build and Scaffold Access Towers.

The Stair Handrails Sizes are Diagonal of Horizontal Bay and Vertical Height according to Kwikstage Scaffolding Ledgers and Standard.

Wellmade Produces South Africa Type of Kwikstage Saccording and Steel Stair Sets According to ISO9001 Management and Quality Controlling System. Test & Control, Steel Grade,Welding Quality, Sizes and Specifications 24 hours throughout Whole Production Process.

Welding Quality Standard from Wellmade Scaffold, is En1090 and ISO 3834, CE Europe Welding Standard Requirement.

Raw Material In Test

Load Test

Mock Up

Kwikstage Scaffolding Stair Handrail

CodeItemsBay SizeW.T
KSR25202.5×2.0m Steel Handrail2.5 x 2.0m12 KG
KSR20202.5×2.0m Steel Handrail2.0 x 2.0m10 KG
KSR15202.5×2.0m Steel Handrail1.5 x 2.0m9.5KG
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