Kwikstage Scaffolding Toe Board

Welmade’s kwikstage scaffolding toe boards are siding protection parts for kwik stage system construction.

It is made from a special steel structure with bolt and nut connectors.  Wellmade manufactures the kwikstage scaffolding toe boards according to AS 1576 standard. Our kwikstage scaffolding system and components are certified in Australia as Worksafe construction materials.

In fabrication, Wellmade manufactures the kwikstage scaffolding toe board according to ISO9001 management. We ensure your kwikstage scaffolding toe board quality from steel raw material, bolt and nut quality controlling till welding quality and safety load.

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Raw Material In Test

Load Test

Mock Up

Wellmade’s Kwikstage Scaffold System Toe Board

Kwikstage Scaffold Toe Board Features

  • One of Side Protection Components of the Quick Stage Scaffold System
  • With 238mm Height from Scaffold Board Platform Level In Construction
  • The length of the Toe Board are matched up with Kwisktage Ledger Horizontal Sizes Include 0.76m, 1.27m, 1.83m, 2.44m, etc
  • Kwikstage Scaffold Toe Boards are Modular Scaffold Parts
  • Connected and Fixed with Kwikstage Standards Directly by Its End Clips
  • All Kwikstage Scaffolding Components Include the Side Protection Parts and Toe Boards are Tested and Certified in Australia
  •  The Kwik Stage Scaffolding Materials from Wellmade Scaffold, China, are Popular Used in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth Cities’ Construction, By its Approved High Quality, Official Certificated, and Test Report and Benefit Prices

Australian Standards Kwikstage Scaffold Toe Board(Kickboard) Size

WAKTB076Kwikstage Toe Board 0.76m238 x 760Gal | Coloured
WAKTB127Kwikstage Toe Board 1.27m238 x 1270Gal | Coloured
WAKTB183Kwikstage Toe Board 1.83m238 x 1830Gal | Coloured
WAKTB244Kwikstage Toe Board 2.438m238 x 2380Gal | Coloured
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