Kwikstage Scaffolding Standards

Kwikstage standards are vertical parts of the modular kwikstage scaffold system. It is manufactured by OD48.3mm standard scaffold tubes with sets of V clips welded on. The distance between each V clip set is 500mm. That allowed horizontal parts to connect at every 500mm height.
You can find 4 types of kwikstage scaffolding standards in Wellmade.

  1. South Africa Type Quick (Q) Stage
  2. British Type Kwickstage
  3. Australia Type Kwik Stage
  4. Indonesia Type Speed Shore Kwikstage

Among them, the British type, Australian type, and Indonesian types of kwikstage standards are manufactured by 4.0mm scaffold tubes. While South African type of quick stage scaffold standards is made by 3.35mm thickness scaffold tube, the 3.35mm scaffold tubes are S355 steel grade, which is much higher than normal S235 grade scaffolding materials.
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  • Steel Grade: S235 & S355
  • Material: OD48.3mm Scaffold Tube
  • Finishing: Galvanized & Painted, Coated
  • Brand: Wellmade (WM)
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Port of Load: Xingang Port, Tianjin
  • Standard: AS1576 & SANS10085
  • Tube Thick: 4.0mm and 3.35mm

Kwikstage Scaffolding Details

British Standard Kwikstage Scaffolding Standards

British kwikstage standards conformed to BS1139 standards. It is required in UK and Ireland kwikstage scaffold and formwork construction.
In the British system kwikstage, all kwikstage horizontal parts like kwikstage ledgers, transom, truss ledgers, bridging, bow string transom, and brackets are all connected to the kwikstage standards and fixed by wedge pins to V clips.
4.0mm thickness standards allow the modular scaffold to support both normal and hi load requirement constructions. Thus it is used not only in civil construction but also in industrial and infrastructural construction.

British Type Kwikstage Standard Sizes, Specifications&Weight

WKS33B3′ 3 Kwik Stage Standard BS StandardO. D 48.3 x 4.0mm x 3’36.25KG
WKS66B6′ 6 Kwik Stage Standard BS StandardO. D 48.3 x 4.0mm x 6’611.7KG
WKS99B9′ 9 Kwik Stage Standard BS StandardO. D 48.3 x 4.0mm x 9’3917.20KG

South Africa Type Kwikstage(Quickstage) Standards

South Africa type kwikstage scaffolding standard is different from UK and Australia kwikstage standards. It is made from an O.D 48.3mm x 3.35mm scaffold tube in S355 higher grade.
S355 steel grade kwikstage standards can take share similar weight from the construction as British and Australian standard kwikstage. But the weight is much less than the type 4 scaffold tube quick stage system.
South African kwikstage standards are manufactured according to SANS1008 standards. In the kwikstage system, the horizontal parts are mostly round types made by OD48.3mm scaffolding pipes. There are no kwikstage transoms in the South African kwikstage system.
South African kwikstage standards include two types of vertical connectors. One connected is in OD38mm diameter. It is inserted into the quickstage standards during construction. There is a washer in the middle of the OD38mm kwikstage spigot. The washer makes the spigot easily removed in construction. After the spigot is removed, the kwisktage standard can work with the adjustable or fixed scaffold top head( U head, J head, Fork Head) for concrete shoring. The washer type kwikstage standard spigot is used in most formwork companies like Peri, Form Scaff, etc.

Another vertical connector is bigger than OD48.3mm kwikstage standards diameter. It is with OD57mm outer diameter. We call it a socket sleeve connector.
The socket sleeve is welded outside of the kwikstage standards. It allows the uprights to sit inside of the sleeves.
Spigot connectors are removable in the quickstage system. While socket sleeves are fixed on the scaffold standards and unremovable. It saves the labor of spigots assembling and you do not need to worry the connector will be lost at the construction site.

The South Africa (ZA) kwikstage scaffolding standards are used in all types of constructions and industries. Include civil construction, industrial construction, building maintenance, shipyard, temporary sidewalk scaffold, access tower, etc. More than construction, it is popularly applied in concrete shoring for slabs, beams, etc in SA and sound countries.

South Africa Type Kwikstage Scaffold Standards Size & Specifications

WKSA050.5m Kwikstage Standards w/ SpigotOD48.3×5002.58KG
WKSA101.0m Kwikstage Standards w/ SpigotOD48.3×10005.15KG
WKSA151.5m Kwikstage Standards w/ SpigotOD48.3×15007.72KG
WKSA202.0m Kwikstage Standards w/ SpigotOD48.3×200010.30KG
WKSA252.5m Kwikstage Standards w/ SpigotOD48.3×250012.88KG
WKSA303.0m Kwikstage Standards w/ SpigotOD48.3×300015.45KG
WKSA353.5m Kwikstage Standards w/ SpigotOD48.3×350017.39KG
WKSA404.0m Kwikstage Standards w/ SpigotOD48.3×400020.60KG


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