Kwikstage Scaffolding Ledgers

Wellmade’s kwikstage scaffolding ledgers are horizontal parts of the kwickstage modular system. In fabrication, the kwikstage ledgers are made of O.D 48.3mm steel scaffold tubes.

Wellmade’s kwisktage scaffolding system and ledger components are tested in Australia according to AS/NZS 1576 and BS 1139. In addition, it is certified as Work Safe construction material in Australia.

Wellmade manufactures all standard sizes for the kwikstage ledgers. We custom your kwisktage ledgers too under OEM services too.

Door-to-door kwikstage scaffolding services are available as request.  Ask us for the price and details now.

Raw Material In Test

Load Test

Mock Up

Wellmade’s Kwikstage Scaffolding Ledgers

Wellmade produces both UK Type and Australia Type of Kwiktage Scaffolding System. You can find both hot dip galvanized and painting kwikstage scaffolding materials in Wellmade.

As Horizontal Parts of  Quick Stage Scaffolding, Wellmade’s kwikstage scaffoldig ledgers forms strong scaffolding towers and frame for construction and concrete shoring.

As modular parts of the quick stage scaffold, both Australian standard and British standard kwikstage ledgers are with wedge pins. It is connected with the kwikstage scaffold standards verticals in construction.

Wellmade Scaffold Kwikstage Scaffolding Ledgers are Tested in Melbourne, Australia. It is Certified As Safety Construction Material.

Wellmade Kwikstage Ledger Size& Specification 

Wellmade Kwikstage Ledgers are made from O.D 48.3mm Scaffold Tube. Thickness of the Scaffold Tube is in S235 Steel Grade. Wall Thickness of The Tube of Kwikstage Ledger are 3.2mm.

Welmade’s Kwisktage Scaffold Ledgers include Standard Sizes of 0.76m, 1.27m, 1.83m, 2.44m. The sizes are in a center-to-center measurement.

Quality Controlling of Wellmade Kwikstage Ledgers

Wellmade Scaffold Quality Controlling System is According to ISO9001 and CE Certificated Requirement of ISO 3834 and EN1090. In Daily Working, The Quality Controlling are Throughout of the Whole Process of the Ledger Production. Include:

  • Raw Material Steel Grade Chemical Composition and Physical Property Testing
  • Welding Line Penetration Testing
  • Kwikstage System Scaffold Components Mock Up Inspection
  • Kwikstage Scaffold Ledger Load Capacity Testing

kwikstage ledger of quick scaffolding system components horizontal parts

Wellmade Kwikstage Scaffold Ledgers Size & Spec

WASL070.76m Kwikstage Ledger(C to C)O.D 48.3×3.2Galvanised & Paint
WASL121.27m Kwikstage Ledger ( C to C)O.D 48.3×3.2Galvanised & Paint
WASL181.83m Kwikstage Ledger ( C to C)O.D 48.3×3.2Galvanised & Paint
WASL242.44m Kwikstage Ledger ( C to C)O.D 48.3×3.2Galvanised & Paint
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