Kwikstage Scaffold Transoms & Ledgers

Kwikstage scaffold transoms, same as the kwikstage ledgers are horizontal parts in kwikstage scaffolding system. The differences between the two horizontal parts are:

Differences between Kwikstage Ledgers and Transoms
Kwikstage TransomKwikstage Ledgers
FunctionsSupport Kwikstage BattensFixing Between Kwikstage Standards
Raw Materials50x50mm Steel AnglesOD48.3mm Scaffold Tubes
Sizes1-5 Boards Width0.76-2.44m

Wellmade manufactures and export Australian type, British Type, South Africa type, and Indonesia type kwikstage systems. While the kwikstage transoms are parts of Australian and British Type kwikstage systems.
Our kwikstage scaffolding components and transom parts are tested and certified according to AS/NZS 1576 and BS1139 standards.
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  • Size: one board, two boards, three boards, four boards, and five boards
  • Finishing: Painting and Galvanized
  • Steel Grade: S235
  • Specifications: 50x50x5mm
  • Brand: Wellmade(WM)
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Standards: AS/NZS 1576
  • Package: Steel Pallets
  • Production Lead Time: 15-35 Days
  • Shipping: By Sea
  • Marking: AS/NZS 1576


Kwikstage Scaffolding Transom

Kwikstage scaffolding transom has T sections, which are formed by double back-by-back steel angles.  The T section offers a support platform for the scaffold battens, which are designed with no plank hooks and only plain ends.  You do not need to put scaffold fittings or couplers to fix the scaffold batten planks if use the scaffold transom support.

Scaffold Battens VS Kwikstage Scaffold Transom

Kwikstage scaffold plank(batten) width is 230mm. So the kwikstage scaffolding transom space needs to be enough to put one or several kwikstage scaffold planks on.

Kwikstage scaffold plank thickness is 63mm. So the 50mm kwikstage scaffold transom gives safety protection to the kwikstage scaffold planks to avoid them moving during construction.

Kwikstage Transom Size, Specifications &Weight

WKT0530.53m Kwikstage Transom50 x 50x530mm2.98 KG
WKT0560.56m Kwikstage Transom50 x 50x560mm3.10 KG
WKT0760.76m Kwikstage Transom50 x 50x760mm3.90 KG
WKT0840.842m Kwikstage Transom50 x 50x842mm4.23 KG
WKT1001.00m Kwikstage Transom50 x 50x1000mm4.87  KG
WKT1271.27m Kwikstage Transom50 x 50x1270mm5.96  KG
WKT1831.828m Kwikstage Transom50 x 50x1828mm11.40  KG
WKT2442.438m Kwikstage Transom50 x 50x2438mm15.01  KG
WKT3053.048m Kwikstage Transom50 x 50x3048mm18.62  KG

How  Kwikstage Transoms Working In Kwikstage System

Kwikstage transoms are with 2 sets of transom ends welded on the T sections. The kwikstage transoms ends include two wedge pins in the sets. The kwikstage wedge pins are connectors to the V Clips of two kwikstage standards.

You can put the kwikstage transom at any place you want to set scaffold decks and platforms in the kwikstage system.

As modular scaffold parts, you do not need to use scaffold fittings to fix the kwikstage transom in the kwikstge system.

kwikstage construction scaffolding
kwikstage construction scaffolding

Kwikstage Transom Finishing and Anti-Corrosion

Kwikstage scaffold transom can be finished in painted or galvanized. Painted kwikstage transoms can be in any colors you want.

Hot dip galvanized kwikstage scaffold transoms are the most durable, compare to painting or coating ones. They can use for more than 20 years without being rusty.

Painting kwikstage transoms are cheaper in price than galvanized transoms.

Why Wellmade Kwikstage Scaffold  Transoms? 

Wellmade is a leading kwikstage scaffold system manufacturer and exporter in China. We have manufactured the kwikstage scaffold since 2001s. Our products are tested and certified in Australia and approved as Work Safe materials.

Wellmade is an ISO9001 management system certified scaffold manufacturer too. Our product quality is controlled according to ISO 9001 from raw material to welding quality, ultimate and safety load capacity, system scaffold components and parts mock-up inspection, etc.

More than an ISO 9001 management system, Wellmade is a CE-certified scaffold manufacturer. You will find top welding quality on our products.  With the CE certification, we can put CE Marking on your products.

More than the standard regulations, Wellmade does more tests before products are approved for shipping to you. For example, the surface treatment adhere test is one of them. We do this adhere test to ensure longer durability of our scaffold products.

Wellmade’s Kwikstage Transom Features: 

  • Made from 50 x 50mm Iron Angle Steel Structure With Wedge Pins Connecting with Kwikstage Scaffolding Standard Verticals.
  • Offers a Steel Support for Scaffold Battens without Hooks in Size of 230 x 63mm Galvanized Steel
  • Sizes are standard according to British and Australian Standard in 0.76m to 2.44m
  • Customized Sizes Shorter or longer from 0.53m to 3.048m are available as requested according to Construction Scaffolding Design

Wellmade brings you not only quality and safety but also benefits in price, services, professional consults, etc. We keep long-term cooperation with global clients from 59 countries in Win-Win beneficial. Our clients include a lot of famous German and UK formwork and scaffolding companies.

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