Kwikstage Scaffold Starter

Kwikstage scaffold starter is also called kwikstage base collar. It is 245mm in height. Used at the bottom of the kwikstage system in construction.

The kwikstage starter is a type of short scaffold standard but without a coupling spigot. It allows kwikstage horizontals erected lower easier height adjusting and keeps the kwikstage system tower more stable and safe.

Technical Data:

  • Size: 245mm
  • Diameter: OD48.3mm
  • Type: Star clips
  • Material: High Strength Steel
  • Grade: S235 & S355
  • Standard: AS1576 / BS1139

Kwikstage Starter Sizes & Specifications

Kwikstage Starter
WKS01Kwikstage Starter48mm245mm4.0mmBS11391.70KG
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