Kwikstage Scaffold Staircase Sets

Kwikstage Scaffolding Steel Staircase Sets with Stair Stringer, Stair treads, Stair handrails- construction access scaffold tower parts components
Stair Treads as steps of the stair sets seat on stair stringer by the steel support on stringer riser.
Stair Handrails are inserted into holes of the stair stringer.
Stair stringers with hooks to connect with kwisktage ledger horizontals in assembly whole stair sets in construction access tower.
This stair scaffolding is part of the South African type of modular kwik stage system. Which is a modular system without any extra fittings or couplers in construction saving cost and keeping top safety in protection, and loading capacity. It is one of the most popular system scaffolds used globally in construction, concrete formwork, bridge highway infrastructure as well as other commercial and industrial construction.
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