Kwikstage Scaffold Boards

Wellmade’s kwikstage scaffold boards are components of Australian type quick stage scaffold access system. It is used as components of access scaffold tower work platform in construction.
Our kwisktage scaffolding board is certified as Worksafe construction material in Australia.
Wellmade’s kwikstage scaffold boards are also called scaffold battens. The kwikstage scaffolding boards load capacity is tested according to Australian standards AS 1577.
You can find all specifications and sizes of the kwikstage scaffold boards in Wellmade. For the durable purpose, Wellmade’s kwikstage scaffold boards are galvanized.
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Wellmade Kwikstage Scaffold Boards

Wellmade kwistage scaffold boards are manufactured in different materials such as steel, aluminum, and timber. Kwikstage scaffold boards can be found in building and construction projects.

You can also use Wellmade kwikstage scaffold boards for commercial, housing, residential, industrial, leisure, shipbuilding, stadium, civil, and utility projects.

Wellmade is experts in most kwikstage scaffold board manufacturing. You can find from Wellmade kwikstage scaffold batten plank board, kwikstage scaffold steel baton board, kwikstage scaffold boards with a hook, quick stage scaffold boards, etc.

Each type of kwikstage scaffold board is manufactured with excellent grade raw materials. The following are the benefits of using Wellmade kwikstage scaffold boards:

  • Quick and easy to erect
  • No loose fittings
  • Adaptability
  • Simple to maintain

Wellmade kwikstage scaffold boards are an efficient, versatile, and cost-effective alternative to fitting scaffolds and traditional loose props & tube.

You can find pre-galvanized kwikstage scaffold boards, hot-dip galvanized kwikstage scaffold boards and painted kwikstage scaffold boards. At Wellmade, there are a lot of kwikstage scaffold boards available in different sizes, dimensions, weight, and length.

We also customize the color of your painted kwikstage scaffold boards according to your specifications. At Wellmade, we have a wide array of kwikstage scaffold boards, and of course, a complete range of kwikstage scaffolding accessories.

You can find all kwikstage scaffold accessories here at Wellmade. Mainly are:

  • kwikstage scaffolding batten boards
  • kwikstage scaffolding transom
  • kwikstage scaffolding board bracket
  • kwikstage scaffolding braces
  • kwikstage scaffolding ladder access transom
  • kwikstage scaffolding toe board clip
  • kwikstage scaffolding end toe board bracket clip
  • kwikstage scaffolding loading bay transom

Wellmade kwikstage scaffold board is tested according to AS 1577 standard in Australia. In China, Wellmade is one of the biggest kwikstage scaffolding manufacturers in China for more than 20 years.

In fact, we proceeded to strict quality control for kwikstage scaffold boards. Wellmade will be your best partner in kwikstage scaffold boards for your projects. We accept small or large orders for your kwikstage scaffold boards.

kwikstage scaffold boards

Size of the kwik stage scaffolding board is in 230 x 63mm. Wellmade test the kwik stage scaffold boards according to AS1577 in Melbourne Testing House(MTS).
You can find from Wellmade pre-galvanized and hot dip galvanized kwikstage scaffold boards.
Wellmade’s kwikstage scaffold boards are with no plank hooks. In construction it is supported by kwikstage scaffold transom and kwikstage hop up brackets. Both of the transom and hop up brackets are made from 50 x 50mm angle iron.
For scaffold board mark, Wellmade emboss it according to Australian standard. You can find the Australian Standards code “AS/NZS 1577:2013”  on. While, scaffold boards safety load capacity is marked on the board end caps too.
For customized, manufacturer’s name and trading companies Name is always embossed on the kwikstage scaffold boards too. This mark is also required according to Australian saffoldfing standards.

For more information about Wellmade kwikstage scaffold boards, please don’t hesitate to contact our team now!

Kwikstage Scaffold Boards Size

-Australian Standards 1577

WKB07Kwikstage Scaffold Boards 760mm230 x 740mm6.30KG
WKB10Kwikstage Scaffold Boards 1050mm230 x 1030mm8.09KG
WKB12Kwikstage Scaffold Boards 1270mm230 x 1250mm9.45KG
WKB18Kwikstage Scaffold Boards 1830mm230 x 1810mm12.91KG
WKB24Kwikstage Scaffold Boards 2440mm230 x 2420mm16.68KG
WKB30Kwikstage Scaffold Boards 3050mm230 x 3030mm20.45KG
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