Kwikstage Scaffold Lap Plates

The kwikstage lap plate is also called lap panels or lap boards. It is used to fill small gaps between scaffold platforms for kwikstage scaffolding system. The lap plates are designed with a folded side to be fixed between scaffold boards on kwikstage transoms.

The lap plate sizes include one-board wide, two-board wide, and three-board wide. See the following tables for the specifications of each size.

For rusty-free, the lap panels are finished in painting or galvanizing.

Send us a mail to get more specifications and have a price quote.

Lap Plate Specifications
Code No.ItemsWidthLengthWeight
WKLP01One Board Lap Board250mm750mm6.58 KG
WKLP02Two Board Lap Board500mm750mm9.62 KG
WKLP03Three Board Lap Board700mm750mm12.05 KG
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