Kwikstage Intermediate Standards

Intermediate standards are parts of the Australian standard kwikstage system. What are intermediate standards and what function of the intermediate standards in the modular system?

Intermediate standards are a type of kwikstage verticals with V clips and top and bottom U clamps. It sits halfway off a kwikstage horizontal(bays) in the system and allows access to a separate section of access stairs or swing gate.  Thus, an intermediate standard is also called an access standard.

Top and bottom U clamps are designed for OD48.3mm scaffold tubes and are easy to connect any place of a kwikstage ledgers (kwikstage ledgers are all in 48.3mm diameter).  And take load/bears from the upper level. The V clips are the same clips of the kwikstage standards. Easy fix with the kwikstage transoms, ledgers, etc.  That allows for forming a strong access tower in any convenient place needed.

Kwikstage Intermediate Standard Sizes & Specification

Intermediate standards are with 3 sets of V clips on the OD48.3mm scaffold tubes AS/NZS 1576 standards. The surface of the intermediate standards could be painted or galvanized.

Kwikstage Intermediate Standards Specifications
CodeDescription Tube SpecV ClipsWeight
WKIS202.0m Intermediate Standards48×4.0mm3 Sets11.44 KG
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