Kwikstage Scaffold Infill Plank

Kwikstage infill planks are narrow scaffold boards used to fill gaps between scaffold planks and planks, planks, and ledgers in kwikstage scaffolding system.

It increases the security of the kwikstage scaffold decks to avoid any gaps in the plank flooring.

  • Specifications
  • Width: 75mm
  • Thickness: 63mm
  • Size: 2.4m, 1.8m, 1.2m & customized
  • Finishing: GI/Galvanized
  • Standard: AS1577 & BS1139

Kwikstage Scaffold and Infill Planks

Wellmade is a leading kwikstage scaffold system manufacturer in China. We produce all standard parts and components of the kwikstage system according to AS/NZS 1576 and BS 1139 standards. While custom sizes are available too with the help of professional engineers and technicians.

You can find both painting and galvanizing finished kwikstage scaffold parts here. OEM services with your company logos and names on the kwikstage products are available for free.

The kwikstage components Wellmade manufactured include:

Kwikstage Infill Plank Size and Weight

Wellmade Kwikstage Infill Plank
CodeItemSizeWeight (KG)Finishing
WKIP121.2m Infill Planks75x63x1250mm8.23GI/Painted
WKIP181.8m Infill Planks75x63x1810mm11.80GI/Painted
WKIP242.4m Infill Planks75x63x2420mm15.64GI/Painted

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