Kwikstage Diagonal Brace

Kwikstage diagonal brace is an important part of kwikstage modular system. It is used as a hypotenuse of the kwikstage bays. With the diagonal hypotenuse, the kwikstage towers and frames can be more strong and more stable.

The kwikstage diagonal braces are made of standard scaffold tubes 48.3×3.0mm. On both sides of the scaffold tubes, there are C pressings and wedge pins fixed on the tube by 8.8 class bolts and nuts.

In structure construction, the scaffold diagonal braces are fixed into the V clips of the kwikstage standards, with no need for any scaffold couplers and fittings.

You can get both painted and galvanized kwikstage diagonal braces in Wellmade. The sizes are complete and customized. Send us your inquiry on the kwikstage diagonal braces to get the latest price for free.


Material: Steel
Grade: S235
Standards: AS 1576 & BS 1139
Specifications: 48.3×3.0mm
Finishing: Painting
Delivery Time: 20-35 days
Package: Pallets/Racks

Kwikstage Diagonal Braces Size and Weight

Wellmade Kwikstage Diagonal Braces
 Code No.ItemsBay Size
Bay Size
WKDB171.7m Brace0.76m(2’7″)1.5m7.58
WKDB212.1m Brace0.76m(2’7″)2.0m9.21
WKDB272.7m Brace1.83 (6′)2.0m11.25
WKDB323.2m Brace1.83 (6′)2.5m12.63
WKDB363.6m Brace2.44(8′)2.5m14.03
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