Kwikstage Corner Panel Filler

Wellmade’s Corner Panel Filler is components of British and Australia standard kwikstage scaffolding system. Ther are different sizes of the corner panel fillers according to your construction. Include 1×1 board, 1×2 board, 2×2 board, 3×2 board, 3×3 board etc.

Swivel clamps on the kwikstage corner panel filler are compatible with all standard sizes of scaffolding tubes and scaffold system pholes in O.D 48.3mm.

Wellmade offers you both painted and galvanized corner panel fillers.

Tell us your requirement of the kwikstage scaffolding corner panel fillers, we will offer you an immediate competitive price.

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2×2 Kwikstage Corner Panel Filler

2×2 kwikstage corner panel filler is one of the most popular sizes for the kwikstage scaffolding system. Wellmade produces the scaffold corner panels according to British standard. Wellmade manufactures the kwikstage scaffolding internal corner panel filler frame to UK & Ireland.

The kwikstage corner panel is assembly with a half swivel clamp. The scaffold half coupler is in BS1139 scaffold standard. It is used to fill gaps between the scaffold platform and scaffolding frames when using the two-board bracket hop-up.

British Standard Kwikstage Internal Corner Filler Panel Sizes

WKC2BTwo Board Internal Corner PanelTwo Board13.7KGGalvanized -Painted


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