Kwikstage Bow String Transom

Wellmade’s bow string transom a British standard kwikstage system component.  You can find both 8ft and 6ft bow string transom here.
Our kwikstage scaffolding bow string transom is export to UK and Ireland mainly. It is allowed a bridge connection in big span and forming an 8-foot scaffold tower over the bay in windows and footpaths.
The wedge pins at both ends of the kwik stage scaffold bow string transom are locked with kwick stage standard V clips.
Wellmade offer you both hot dip galvanized and painted finishing bow string transom for your kwikstage system scaffold construction.
Send us your kwisktage scaffold parts and bow string transom needs to get a competitive price now.

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Kwikstage Scaffolding Bow String Transom Sizes

Kwikstage scaffold bow string transoms are load bearing horizontals in the quick stage modular system scaffold. It is used to support scaffold planks and battens in construction. You can find following popular sizes of the kwikstage bow string transoms.  Wellmade customize your kwikstage scaffold bow string transom in size too.

Code No.ItemsSizeWeight
WBST088 ft Bow String Transom2440mm21.98KG
WBST066 ft Bow String Transom1830mm16.72KG


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